Cancelling contract with Vodafone 3g internet

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25 Apr 2011 00:00 by bodyworker Star rating in By the Mar menor. 34 posts Send private message


Has anyone had any success with cancelling their contract with these cowboys?

Have sent 3 faxes to the numbers given by the vodafone shop with countless phone calls and visits to their shop in dos mares but to no avail.  I'm sick and tired of wasting my time on this mundane issue and so I have stopped any further payments to vodafone.

That was two weeks ago and still...

I havent heard a thing! no phone call, email nothing ,may be they are pretending they havent recieved the faxes again...

Anyone who has experience in dealing with this firm  would be really useful 'legal' advice would be good to

Thanks in anticipation



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25 Apr 2011 16:48 by delza Star rating. 77 posts Send private message

You are faxing them in Spanish right?

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25 Apr 2011 16:59 by Comanche Star rating in Islas Canarias. 13 posts Send private message

 Had a similar problem with them.

It took months.

Problem is if you stop paying they go legal to collect.

Just keep trying.




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25 Apr 2011 18:02 by bodyworker Star rating in By the Mar menor. 34 posts Send private message

Yes, sent fax's in Spanish and English, but by the look of things it doesnt matter what language you use

Looks like another rip off!


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25 Apr 2011 18:34 by Pitby Star rating in Andalucía. 1904 posts Send private message

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If it is only a data line (USB dongle) you can apparently cancel over the phone - you have to call from a vodafone number to 22189 where you can then choose the language you wish to communicate in.

Try that and mention the faxes you've sent and see where you get. Have to say I've had terrible problems with them and am still trying to get €354 refund from them for two cancellation fees they deducted from our account - when they shouldn't even have charged any cancellation fee at all!!

Good luck!

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25 Apr 2011 19:05 by bodyworker Star rating in By the Mar menor. 34 posts Send private message

Thanks for the replies.

Yes, after a controlled rant with the staff I then phoned vodafone from the vodafone office, they then gave me yet another different fax tel no to send in the cancellation..

It amazes me why there is so many different cancellation fax tel No's! and no one in authority  to speak with.  Guess its why Vodafone is making lots of money...

You cannot cancel over the phone because its 'to easy


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09 May 2011 21:30 by dealerjm Star rating. 47 posts Send private message

I have just returned from Spain with what I thought was the telephone number to cancel my 3G dongle: 607 123 000

As I'm sure many of you know I have discovered today that this automated number is a nightmare and even if you stumble into speaking with an operator, they don't speak English and four times today it's adios and they cut me off.

I'm at my wits end as the bank account from which the monthly amount is taken by direct debit is now closed. I don't speak Spanish but having had the contract for nearly 3 years, being an 18 month contract, I am within my rights to cancel immediately.

The Vodafone shop in Carrefour in San Juan speak excellant English but they cannot tell me if there is a fax number or a number I can speak to an English speaking person in order to register my cancellation. The Vodafone website is hugely informative except on how to surprises there!

Can anyone give me a number I can communicate my cancellation to from UK. I don't anticipate being back in Spain until Christmas.

I don't have a vodafone mobile only a dongle and so no easy numbers to dial I have tried Vodafone UK but again the same number 607 123's becoming imprinted on my brain!!!!



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09 May 2011 21:43 by Pitby Star rating in Andalucía. 1904 posts Send private message

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Send a fax, in spanish (use google translate if necessary) to (+34) 607 131 856 cancelling the contract (this was the number first given to me by vodafone, before they agreed that as it was a data line only I could cancel over the phone).  I was also given another fax number: 607 100 700

Personally, if the account is closed, I would send a fax in Spanish to both fax numbers above and keep copies and not worry about it until you are back here!




This message was last edited by Pitby on 09/05/2011.

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09 May 2011 21:44 by pjy Star rating. 12 posts Send private message

I had exactly the same problem. Even though I speak Spanish the line was always so bad and the operators always south American I could never follow what they said. I did get a cancellation fax number though. They repeatedly chased me for two months of line rental after I had sent them a cancellation fax. I ended up repeatedly writing to Vittorio coloa (the CEO in London) and his office sorted it for me. Pm me and I can give you the email of their English speaking head office in Madrid, who can sort you out.

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09 May 2011 22:06 by Pitby Star rating in Andalucía. 1904 posts Send private message

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I'd be interested in that contact myself, pjy, as I am having endless problems with them!

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09 May 2011 23:27 by pjy Star rating. 12 posts Send private message

Since two people have asked for this in the last hour, I will post it below!


It wont let me post the address normally, maybe you can guess it from the following











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10 May 2011 00:07 by dealerjm Star rating. 47 posts Send private message

Spent the last hour or so drafting my cancellation letter in Spanish to send through on the fax numbers that Pitby provided. Really pleased with the finished article...really disappointed when neither number went through.

Maybe they turn off the machines and switch off the lights through the night!

I'll try again in the morning, failing which I'll try and decode pjy's puzzle. Is it really that obvious? I didn't expect the corp, but maybe that is the red herring?

It's a pity we can't all cost our time and bill Vodafone in the same way they seem to screw every drop out of clients.


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10 May 2011 07:18 by Pitby Star rating in Andalucía. 1904 posts Send private message

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Sorry, the 607100700 is an automated answer system! But the first number, 607 131 856 is definitely a fax number. Try again with that one.

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10 May 2011 09:38 by georgia Star rating in Algorfa (As seen on .... 1835 posts Send private message

Vip Supporter

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 I have been faxing them for 18 months trying to get them to cancel the payment that appears on my bill every month,regardless of the fact i have not used their internet for nearly 2 years!!!!!

I have 9 phones with them and you would think that would have a little pull to get things done...............nope useless!!!!

I have tried switching providers but i think they are all as bad as each other!!

good luck.

_______________________ still here after all these years!

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10 May 2011 12:06 by mariadecastro Star rating in Algeciras (Cadiz). 9344 posts Send private message

Legal Questions? Speak to Maria Direct

I have heard of  network companies which, haoing their own contracts with supplies providers ( phone, electricity...) are able to reduce your bills substantially.

I have been debating myself between this being a new model of doing business connected to globalization, outsourcing, networking and a scam but I am still not too clear and keeping an eye on it.

Does anyone know? 


Maria L. de Castro, JD, MA



El blog de Maria

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10 May 2011 21:02 by Marksfish Star rating in Vera, Almeria. 2576 posts Send private message

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 Thanks for the email addres pjy, am having a nightmre with my (lack of) Vodafone ADSL service. Wil be dropping them a line tomorrow. 


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10 May 2011 22:12 by dealerjm Star rating. 47 posts Send private message

Thanks Pitby, the fax number worked this morning and thanks pjy the email went through without bouncing back. I attached a received option to the email for Vodafone to respond that they had received my cancellation, but neither fax or email were acknowledged.

I guess that's it I can do no more and legally I presume I'm off the hook as I can cancel without penalty because I have served well in excess of my contract period.

The Bank account is closed, so hopefully that's the end of it.....or is it?

Again thanks to all for really helpful input.

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12 May 2011 10:55 by island babe Star rating in Ireland. 17 posts Send private message

3 years ago this use to be a regular problem with all the phone companies and a law was passed that once you have sent the fax to the correct number you contract is deemed cancelled.  This was because exactly this situation was happening and the companies particularly Telefonica were making loads of money. 

I am sorry I cant now remember the number but it works when I cancelled my  lines.  However you can go to the local ombudsman which you should find in your local ayuntamiento and they will happily give you the number.  I am sure it is one number for all so if anyone can get it post it here.  I am sorry I am no longer in Spain. 

Before everyone just changed thier bank accounts.

Island Babe, Ireland

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16 May 2011 19:32 by goldwing Star rating in Near Alicante. 61 posts Send private message

 I cant help but just wanted to say vodafone are a nightmare to deal with.

I contracted to take out adsl with them, equipment arrived but no service, loads of calls later from me & spanish neighbours gave up after 8 months. (even fax & letters to CEO go unanswered). Cancelled DD etc.

18 months on they are still trying to take me to court even though I now have an apoligy letter from them, left hand and right hand does not know what its doing.

Given many numbers by there staff to ring which were unattenable,

Just shocking customer care.

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16 May 2011 20:15 by Marksfish Star rating in Vera, Almeria. 2576 posts Send private message

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 Wish i'd seen all this before I tried to get my adsl with them in February. As it happens, although I am supposed to be with VF for ADSL, the Telefonica service is still live and has been increased to a speed of 12MB!! One email sent to the reclamaciones email address and no reply, will re- send again tomorrow .


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