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07 Nov 2017 11:18 PM:

Tigs, although in your thread title you say "no postal address", in your first post you say that, "although he has a postal address", the post office won't deliver.  My take on this is, if you send a tracked package to his address, his local post office I would think are legally obliged to inform him of the arrival of the package (even if they won't deliver).  If he has a postal address, as you say, it will go to his local post office.  Even if he doesn't want to rely on an advice from the PO, he can track the parcel himself and see when it arrives at his post office.  He can then visit the PO with ID and pick up the package.  

Might be worth considering.


Thread: Sending Parcels to Spain - with no postal address ??

02 Nov 2017 10:04 AM:

Try Don Neumaticos in Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro - excellent service from Peter, the owner.  We have bought tyres from him on two occasions for our cars.   He is opposite Overseas (Iceland) in Pueblo Nuevo.  Can thoroughly recommend him.


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Thread: Car tyres

31 Oct 2017 7:21 PM:

I don't understand why, if you have a floor clause of 3%, you continued to be charged 5.9%.  The floor clause is just that - the lowest rate you would pay.  Strange.

We put our claim in with our bank, Banco Popular (previously Banco de Andalucia) and although they did take over three months (actually about five months!), they did pay out all overpaid interest, with interest on top of that.  We didn't use lawyers - just used the form provided by the bank.  

Hang in there!  And if you don't hear within 90 days, follow up with them, but don't resort to lawyers too quickly! 


Thread: Floor Clause

27 Sep 2017 9:44 PM:

Thank you Maria - as I thought.  Fortunately, though, we just yesterday received a response from the bank!  So fingers crossed! 

Thread: Steps for Claims on Floor Clauses in Mortgage contracts

25 Sep 2017 12:00 PM:

Hi Maria

I would really appreciate your advice on my query here:

22 Sep 2017 17:59 by Pitby Star rating in Andalucía. 1899 posts

If a claim has been made to the bank, direct, but it is now over four months since submitting that claim (ie outside the three month "out of court" settlement period) and the bank have not responded at all (neither acknowledged the claim or made an offer), what is the next process?


Thread: Steps for Claims on Floor Clauses in Mortgage contracts


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