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21 May 2007 00:00 by brian755 Star rating in your mind and any wh.... 52 posts Send private message

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I am currently trying to sell my property at below the asking price so if you are scouring this site looking for distressed buyers in hope of picking up a bargain then look no further, it’s me!

The link is here at:


Many people will pretend to be something they are not, maybe even say things like “I would like to sell my X Y Z but I am not desperate or words to that affect.

They are afraid that by showing they are desperate to sell something that this is a weakness and may invite silly offers, well you know what!.......

I am not ashamed of anything or afraid of silly offers and I will tell you why. I would rather be given the opportunity to say no thank you than never be asked in the first place.

If it’s truly ridiculous then I won’t even reply,(No Ofence) so feel free to pick up this bargain at £30,000 / 50,000 euros below what is currently worth.


I bought it 3 year ago as a retirement investment which will double or treble in price, maybe even more, for any one wiling to wait.

I was going to sell it on in about 10-15 years my self but prices could start to move more quickly before then, obviously no one knows for sure but its common sense that the time period I originally had in mind was going to be a fantastic result and investment.

Unfortunately due to an injury 10 months ago I have not worked and now I need the cash so circumstances have forced me to sell.


Brian 755

Its not what you are- its who you are that matters in life!

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