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29 May 2021 9:48 PM:

Thankyou for your post, the time you took to write it and your detailed descriptions, its very much appreciated by myself and others too.

Great post!


Thread: Current requirements at Alicante Airport When Arriving from Gatwick On Testing

29 May 2021 4:57 PM:

I know the goal posts change daily but has anyone entered into Alicante Airport from Gatwick?

If so please can you give your wisdom as to how it went for you.

At this moment I am being told that you do not need to be vacinated, you dont need a test and that Spain just wants the British tourist, is this correct?

Maybe you are a traveler that has done this journey yourself, maybe you are an official that works in this industrie.

Either way I am sure your comments will be welcomed from all communites because there is much confusion for all concerned.

Are the Media reporting false information just to get the British tourist there, then are there hefty Testing fees fron the Airport Officials.

I am just trying to get a real account from people who have made this journey and can verify the true accounts of what is actually happening.

True and accountable information is hard to find these days so maybe this post can help not just myself but many other Brits who just want the truth.


Thank you in advance to any one with there valuble insights of their own exsperiences.



Thread: Current requirements at Alicante Airport When Arriving from Gatwick On Testing

16 Jan 2021 8:20 PM:

This thread is for anyone living in Spain at the moment that can comment on what life would be like there if a person arrived at Alicante Airport and stayed in the La Zenia area in an apartment.

Are there any shops, cafe restaraunts etc open or is it all now just a ghost town?

I think this thread coulod be very usefull for most Brits that are currently in a lockdown and are wondering what is really happening in Spain at the moment.

Nothing like hearing it from real people who are there right now or have very recently just returned.

Please only comment if you know any facts for sure, rather han hear say.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards to all.

Thread: What is going on now in general in Spain?

16 Jul 2016 7:03 PM:

Where would you suggest is a nice day out that’s about an hours drive from La Zenia.

I am after a quiet peaceful location that’s maybe up in the hills with great views.

The other thing is where is the nearest horse riding from La Zenia, any advice appreciated.

If I am a little while getting back to you to thank you then please forgive me but I will.

Thread: Where Is A Nice Day Out + Horse Riding?

22 Dec 2015 1:40 PM:

Thanks again Argarcia,

I am c lear on the situation now due to all the fgeed back thanks.

Just for the recoed I do not have any bottled gas what so ever I refer only to my permanant supply which is a change over.

All the very best to every one!

Kind regards to all.

Thread: Gas Change Over From Ex REPSOL BUTANO


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