Tax on El Hacho area

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18 Mar 2011 00:00 by Tamsin Star rating. 170 posts Send private message

My sister - in - law has just paid a two yearly bil for us ,  if we did not pay we would be landed with a penalty

164.92 Euros x 2 for 2 years for the El Hacho area .

From what I understand it is for the repair of the road etc that the builders messed up during the massive building project up the hill .  When we bought in that region ( the hill going up to what used to be  Becky's ) in Duquesa , we were informed that the builders would do that - fat chance we have of that.

This is a b--- nigtmare - how much more do we have to pay and what about the people who know nothing about it .  We by chance found the invoice in our post box as we happened to be in the area in January which is very unusual for us . We visit 4 - 5 times a year but not in the winter .    How can they just ask us to pay without knowing what you are paying for , If it has not been for my husband's family finding out for us we would never have known about it .

Has anyone else paid these bils and why did we get 2 in a row ?   Why did they not send out one last year or did we miss it ?  We are one of the lucky ones - my husband speaks Spanish and we have  family that can help.    Is this a yearly occurance together with local Income  tax ( which we still haven't paid )  ?     Will be enternally grateful if anyone can enlighten us .


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20 Mar 2011 13:42 by Pitby Star rating in Andalucía. 1904 posts Send private message

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Tamsin, take a look at the link below, which contains information re El Hacho. You will see that this entity was to be dissolved, but perhaps the invoices you have paid are for 2009/2010. I'm not sure invoices were sent out last year due to the dissolution of the entity, but maybe someone else can help, particularly on the forum.

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20 Mar 2011 14:34 by Tamsin Star rating. 170 posts Send private message

Are you saying that we should not have paid these bills?   I read the forum discussions but am still not clear.  Is there no one else on EOS living in that area who can help?  If we have paid an invoice for something we did not need to then we will never get that money back?   



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20 Mar 2011 16:52 by carolinej Star rating. 420 posts Send private message

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We live on the hill but haven't had any invoices.  The entity was dissolved though lots of people still owed for the invoices from before this time.  In our case at Duquesa Village the developer paid because the site was stil largely owned by them during that period.  I had heard there was to be one final invoice upon its dissolution but never received a bill.  Sorry I can't be more help but the situation has always been very unclear.

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