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31 Oct 2013 13:52:

We currently only have the bog standard TV in Spain and  I watch programmes that have previously been recorded in English which is not many . I have a disagreement with my husband who states that in order to get Freeview in Spain we neeed some sort of digital connection . Our community currently does not have any Wi Fi or Sky connection so any of this has to be funded individually.

Please can yuo advise who is right


Thread: Freeview in Spain

30 Oct 2013 14:23:

 In the last 12 years of visiting the Murcia area. I have managed 6/7 trips out to my house each year on my own and with family

Lucky you to have so many holidays.

Thread: I would sit in the wing for that price

11 Oct 2013 15:34:

We were stopped in August as our hired car had no MOT sticker on the windscreen. I don' t know
if it was because my husband speaks fluent Spanish but the police said it was not our fault ,telephoned into the police station and said that the hire company was responsible not us.

Thread: To what extent is Spain a police state?

28 Aug 2013 15:09:

I seem to remember that the form that needs to be completed is now available in English and on the Web. I do resent the money that we pay our accountant for something that can be done oneself for a tax I feel is illegal as I don't earn any ' income ' in Spain???

Can anyone provide the link.

Thank you


Thread: Non Resident Income Tax

06 Aug 2013 14:21:

Why would any sensible Gibraltanean want to become Spanish . There is not one reason why they would choose to go with Spain .  Look what has happened in the last two week-ends with crazy strict border controls on the pretext of preventing drug smuggling .  They act like spoiled children , jealous of Gibrlaltar' s standard of living but they always forget that over 3000 Spaniards come to work in Gib every day . Where would La Linea be without Gib . Spain should be appeasing the population not hardening their stance with their stupid pettiness.  As one newpaper said yesterday sabre rattling  -crying  babies in their prams .

Thread: Gibraltar ownership - is it merely a political distraction?


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