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26 Aug 2010 00:00 by ciana Star rating. 8 posts Send private message

hi everyone.

i would like to inform everyone of my experience with euronics in los alcazares. my fridge/ freezer packed in four weeks ago,however it was still in warranty. after many visits to the shop where i was told someone would be out to fix it, i decided to contact the manufacture who told me it should have been fixed within 48 hours however they had not been informed by the supplier and couldnt do anything until he did.four weeks without a fridge/freezer in this heat is totally unacceptabe. maybe they wanted me to buy a new one or its that their service is really bad, i dont know. just be warned.

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26 Aug 2010 11:35 by EOS Team Star rating in In Spain of course!. 4017 posts Send private message

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Don't get me started on the service from electrical equipment shops!

We had a hoover recently which packed in after a few days.  Within seven days they have to either refund you or replace it, that's the law.  We went back to the shop on day 7 but it was closed and so had to go the next day instead.  This shop is a 20 minute drive from us.

They argued with me that as it was 8 days I would need to contact the manufacturer to get it sorted.  I phones the manufacturer who told me to take it to their Malaga depot and leave it there for them to fix it.  Malaga is a good 50 minutes from us.

Considering this was only a €100 hoover, all the driving around was already costing me a fortune, I could have just bought a new one with the amount I spent in petrol, tolls and time.

Suffice to say we gave up in the end so I took it apart and fixed it myself.

Even the better shops are pretty bad when it comes to sorting out issues with products.  I am so careful these days where I buy my electrical items.



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26 Aug 2010 13:23 by TechNoApe Star rating in Duquesa, Manilva. 1278 posts Send private message

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Guys, don't forget that most, if not all, electrical items in Europe come with a two year guarantee/warranty, as opposed to the one year given in the UK.

Also under European law (which includes the UK) the re-seller of an electrical item is required to repair or replace the faulty item even if the manufacturer is not, which they are, regardless if the re-seller has contacted the manufacturer or not about the fault, if it can be proved that the fault occurred during the guarantee/warranty period, or it can be proved that there was a fault during the manufacturing process.

I think you will find they are just 'shrugging' their shoulders and trying to ignore the problem, in which case mention the fact that you have a two year guarantee/warranty, show them the receipt (always, and I mean always keep the receipt) and ask to speak to the shop manager if you don't get the help you want from the sales person.

If still no luck then mention the words 'denuncia and lawyer' and see what reaction you get, as the shop manager will be breaking the law if they do not accept liability, as you have proof you purchased the item in their premises and you are within the guarantee/warranty period.

So, ciana, the re-seller of your Fridge-Freezer is as liable as the manufacturer to repair or replace your faulty unit.

Don't forget Justin, I used to work for a Euronics dealership in Devon for over four years, so same goes for your vacuum cleaner!

The seven day rule only applies if you want your money back, not repair or replace, as you have two years (one year in the UK) providing you keep the receipt.

All shops in Europe have to offer a repair, replacement or refund/credit note if the product is not fit for the purpose to which it has been sold, unless it is a sale item which has been clearly marked as faulty in some manner, and therefore returns will not be permitted, or will be at the discretion of the store policy.

As for buying major electrical items, we stick to Alcampo and/or Leroy Merlins in Marbella or Carrefour in Estepona, as with all of these you have 15 days to return the product and receive a full refund, no questions asked, providing you have the receipt and the  product is returned in it's original (new) state and complete with all packaging (if applicable). You also have a 15 day return policy with Lidl

We have had no problems with returning electrical goods, including a hair dryer to Carrefour in Estepona, on the 15 day limit and got our money back. We took it back as we found one just as good for half the price in our local Maxi Dia shop.

Stick to your guns people!

Edited to say that we've never had any problems with returning goods here in Spain, including clothes to Alcampo and Carrefour and even the Sunday Market in Sabinillas, and small DIY stuff from the local ferreteria.

This message was last edited by TechNoApe on 26/08/2010.


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26 Aug 2010 19:50 by suemac Star rating in Jumilla, Murcia. 1001 posts Send private message

When we moved into our new apartment, we bought lots of different electrical goods from different outlets (being pensioners we have time to walk around town comparing prices before buying anything!)  This included Euronics as they had a good deal on TVs, plus we got our fridge-freezer there.  One year later and (fingers crossed!) everything is OK.

What I would say though is that for good customer service you cannot beat your local shops rather than chains like Euronics.  We bought several items, including our oven and hob, from a local shop.  One day the hob locked and, in spite of reading both the Spanish and English instructions, I couldn't work out what to do.  The owner of the local shop took a hob out of the box and plugged it in before demonstrating what I needed to do to unlock it!  The same owner has given us numerous "regalos" when we have bought items from him: a huge, good quality oven dish with our oven; free bags with our hoover; a large heavy based frying pan with our hob!  When we first moved here and were renting, we bought an electric fan from the same shop.  Shortly after buying it we had a problem and returned it - without hesitation he gave us a replacement.  This makes good business sense, as we are more likely to go back there in future (assuming his prices are comparable) and recommend him to friends.



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27 Aug 2010 01:10 by ciana Star rating. 8 posts Send private message

i think your right sue. places like euronics maybe able to sell an item slightly cheaper, but once youve bought it they dont want to know. smaller businesses need your custom and are more willing to help. i for sure will not be anywhere near this shop again. in the long run it will be their loss.

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