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25 Aug 2010 00:00 by direct4 Star rating. 5 posts Send private message

The general idea since the start of recession is that buying and selling spanish properties has become exceedingly difficult or almost impossible.

Well, the fact it's not the case at all.  It has never been so easy to sell and buy properties now than ever without any hassles, in this financial climate.

I am buying new properties without mortgage and sold my old ones within a matter of days and weeks rather than years.

Feel free to contact me, if you are thinking to buy or sell properties easily.

E Jones





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25 Aug 2010 14:17 by Faro Star rating in London. 1139 posts Send private message

1st forum post - most interesting!

Why don't you tell us the secret?

or better still tell us what your real game is!!!

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25 Aug 2010 14:41 by redsam79 Star rating in Los Pacos, Costa del.... 192 posts Send private message

direct4-I will try and keep within the rules of EOS forum posting for fear of another EDIT but you are talking absolute bulls--- and obviously have an ulterior motive or your brain is inflated with hot air. Enough conmen around without you adding your absurd claims. The secret of a good con is to offer something the mark wants, and what you are offering will certainly catch some one out, but find some where else to do it.


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25 Aug 2010 15:57 by rod Star rating in Uk and Spain. 469 posts Send private message

Another so called EXPERT these guys/agents/conmen never give up do they ,if he was an IFA who owned property in spain i would seek his advice i bet this poor bugger hasnt had his 5% commision fix for a while i bet HE HE

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25 Aug 2010 17:32 by cazzy Star rating in Inland Andalucia. 180 posts Send private message

I work for an estate agent in Inland Andalucia and we can't get enough properties under 100k. they seem to be what people are after!!!

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26 Aug 2010 00:54 by Hammer100 Star rating in Camposol, Mazarron. 94 posts Send private message

Hammer100´s avatar

Must be lucky, my friend got a knock at the door from a local agent asking if they were thinking of selling as they have soooo many buyers waiting. My friend asked him in and brought up the agents web page and asked why it is then that the 100 or more houses on his site were not selling then and as my friends house is the same style as many of those listed what chance would he have? He offered the agent a cup of tea but he said he had to leave, funny that.

Maybe there is a boom though as everyone seems to be trying to sell lately, from car registration companies to computer shops - just waiting for our local moroccan carpet seller to start.


Dedicated Property Management - Mazarron

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26 Aug 2010 08:25 by Faro Star rating in London. 1139 posts Send private message

The truth is it is very easy to sell BUT you have to discount VERY VERY heavily.

There are many Spanish investors out there at the moment and many agents or property finders are feeding them details of bargains/distressed properties but the offers are absolutely ridiculous.

Recently I was helping a lady sell an apartment and I visited a couple of agents who valued the property extremely low and I knew their game they would sell cheap to a Cordoba buyer and expect a BIG commission for doing absolutely nothing.

So we decided to sell on fotocasa and listed at a higher price that the local agents valued the property but still cheap by comparison to others in the area and within 2 week (about 3 viewings) it was sold and we are quids in because there is no commission to pay!!!!. The buyer is Spanish and as many know Spanish buyers will not buy from agencies especially English agencies. Buyer has already paid a EUR6k deposit and we're just waiting for his bank mortgage approval to complete. And of course being Spanish he does not use a solicitor which makes my job easier and his as well. But I think we were also quite lucky and if fotocasa had not worked we would have had to go with local agents. All enquiries on fotocasa were Spanish buyers. Others have told me adds in the English rags all bring enquiries (of course some from agencies!).

If selling do your homework well and look at all other properties in your area and if you are serious on selling and your property is not unique then you have to be seen to be cheap by comparison especially as there are so many Se Vende signs up.

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