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02 Jul 2010 00:00 by kiptic Star rating. 8 posts Send private message

Hi every one



I have read a lot in this furum about the much needed N.I.E number . To be truthfull it sounds very complicated to me . has anyone had any dealings in the playa flamenca area and would it be possible to get this for the family over a weekend visit .. any help or questions you need to know about to help me please ask...steve

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02 Jul 2010 16:33 by redsam79 Star rating in Los Pacos, Costa del.... 192 posts Send private message

Over the weekend...in Spain?...more chance of England winning the world cup!! Why do you need it so urgently?

You can apply at the local police station, just not sure if they will do it at the weekend.




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02 Jul 2010 16:43 by bobaol Star rating. 2256 posts Send private message

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Basically, no.  You need to go to the Playa Flamenca town hall and report to the extranjeros (foreigners) room.  They have a poster telling you what documentation you need (passport, photos, deeds etc) and then you fill in a form and hand in all your documentation.  From experience, be prepared for a long wait (all morning) just to get the ball rolling.  If everything is in order, they will ask you to come back in 4 or 5 weeks to collect the NIE papers.  You can get them done quicker (same day) by going to the Alicante office but this will completely ruin your holiday.  Oh, and you'll be lucky to find them open in the week, let alone at a weekend.  Check the opening hours on the office door (not the town hall opening hours but the extranjero office opening hours which are different.)  And the girl in there knocks off for a break at 10:30 regardless of how many people are waiting.  You collect a number (like Tesco meat counter) from the window on the right when you go in.  Then settle down with a good book until your number comes up.

Best of luck.


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02 Jul 2010 17:28 by georgia Star rating in Algorfa (As seen on .... 1835 posts Send private message

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 or..........pay someone 125€ to go to Alicante for you and get it in one day.......you can sit on the beach and wait for them.............well worth it in my opinion.

www.taylorlandandpropertygroup.co.uk still here after all these years!

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02 Jul 2010 20:00 by tonynault Star rating in Stockport & Cox!. 88 posts Send private message

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 Hi, You can, if you live near a Spanish consulate, get your NIE in the U.K.! http://spain.embassyhomepage.com/


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02 Jul 2010 23:58 by kiptic Star rating. 8 posts Send private message

hi every one



thanks for the advice i thought i would not bwe that straight forward i guess its just the way things are done  will try doing it in the uk to start with looks like a long road of paper work and waiting ...steve

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03 Jul 2010 11:13 by kev2006n Star rating in Sussex and Playa Fla.... 343 posts Send private message

 We managed to get our NIE no.s very quickly. Our solicitor organised everything for us. His secretary drove us to Alicante, someone was already holding a place for us in the queue and we were all and back at our solicitors office by 11 am.  I think we paid a 100 Euros well worthwhile. Kevin

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03 Jul 2010 11:50 by Forhotspot Star rating. 233 posts Send private message

100 euro is very reasonable considering how time you've saved but some lawyers charge a riduculous amount as high as 165 euro.  Luckily my lawyer charged me 125 euro.  

Is it true that when you apply for NIE, you also get the residencia? I read in another forum that NIE & residencia are together in 1 form.

If not, where do you go to apply for residencia?

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03 Jul 2010 13:01 by morerosado Star rating in Guardamar del Segura.... 6927 posts Send private message

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EX16 residency pdf for Forhotspot.

EX14NIE pdf is another form 


PLEASE SUPPORT  http://www.galgosdelsol.org/ 







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04 Jul 2010 12:18 by Forhotspot Star rating. 233 posts Send private message

Thanks very much More. I better inform my lawyer that I've filled in the wrong form.



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05 Jul 2010 20:17 by Forhotspot Star rating. 233 posts Send private message

I've the impression that NIE & residencia can be applied together using EX16 form. When I asked my lawyer to fill in the EX16 form as I want both, he told me that residencia is applied later after the NIE. There's no way I want to pay another 125 euro esp after paying 375 euros for 3 NIEs. It looks like I need to apply residencia in person later on.  So confusing with all these rules!



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