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01 Jul 2010 00:00 by delicloths Star rating in Sawley, Ribble Valle.... 23 posts Send private message

Please can anyone offer advice/information on any schools international or state in or around Calahonda, our children were due to start at an International school in Marbella in September however we have been misled with regard to fees and registeration costs and we are now looking for alternative options.

Our children are 10 and 6 and speak very limited Spanish so we feel they may struggle in a state school? If anyone has any experience or recommendations of any schools within 1/2 an hour of Calahonda please let me know as we are finding it extremely difficult to secure a place, any advice would be greatly appreciated,



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01 Jul 2010 23:21 by Pitby Star rating in Andalucía. 1904 posts Send private message

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Delicloths, I don't know about schools east of Marbella, but here are a couple of links that may help.  I can say that I read your post on the other thread about the fees and was gobsmacked!!  Our son goes to Sotogrande International and the fees are very reasonable (and include lunch - which generally would amount to about €1300 pa and certainly not €6000pa!!!).  What school were you looking at?

I know this may sound harsh, but have you thought about putting your younger child into a state school (at 6yr that really wouldn't be a problem language-wise, he would pick it up so quickly) and maybe, at this stage, just putting your daughter into an international school?  She'll be going into secondary soon and fees increase then too.

Anyway, I do wish you the best - but reiterate that the fees you detail seem really high!

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02 Jul 2010 00:25 by jayce Star rating. 80 posts Send private message

The two state schools that serve Calahonda are in La Cala. One is just past the BP petrol station, and the other is inland from the new Mercadona by the football ground. Private schools.... St Anthony's, inland from La Cala, not too expensive and quite small, which is a bonus.  EIC just past the Mercadona and Lidel in Elviria, very, very good school, but expensive. Swans International in Marbella, very, very good, my grandson goes there as did my son, fees for a 5 year old 2,300 euros a term. There are two good Spanish private schools in Elviria/Las Chapas. One on the slip road past EIC, called Alboran or similiar. One on the beachside  opposite the Cayetano supermarket on the way to Marbella. Not sure if these are boys/girls or mixed. Private Spanish schools are a lot cheaper than International Schools as they are government  aided. The Spanish private schools do some lessons in English. You really have to visit the schools to get a feel for them but now they have broken up for the summer holidays..12 weeks here, but I expect there is someone in the office. Good luck !!!!

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02 Jul 2010 00:28 by jayce Star rating. 80 posts Send private message

Just read your post and see you live in Elviria, so do I. The local state schools in Elviria are said to be very good. One is on the road behind Supersol and one just behind Mercadona and Lidel. If you live in Elviria you have to use a school which serves that area.

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02 Jul 2010 08:13 by delicloths Star rating in Sawley, Ribble Valle.... 23 posts Send private message


Thanks so much for your replies, our apartment in Elviria we will just be using until we rent a villa (probably October/Nov), so its  difficult as we don't know our exact location. We have thought about putting our youngest into Spanish school but would prefer them to stay together at least initially! I have been to see Platera school in Elviria (next to the football) but aparently there is a long waiting list. I will have a look at St Anthonys school too,

Thanks again for your help



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02 Jul 2010 11:56 by 1962 Star rating in Iznalloz. 182 posts Send private message

Hi delicloths,

I live in calahonda and there is an international school next to the tennis club. There is also a college which seems to be for older children next to a furniture store called   "Rattan Tom's"  which is at the bottom of calahonda and you can see it from the A7.

If you need any more details re directions (can't help with costs etc. as we are retired so don't need to know  things like that anymore) please pm me.

regards kathy



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02 Jul 2010 14:08 by Sanchez1 Star rating. 853 posts Send private message

Most of the international schools on the Costa del Sol are struggling at the moment due to the crisis, with a lot of families moving back to the UK or putting their kids in the Spanish state system. 

As mentioned elsewhere on this thread, Sotogrande and Swans have a very good reputation down here.  There's some real Mickey Mouse international schools down here so you need to be careful.


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02 Jul 2010 14:21 by luvspain-dp Star rating. 10 posts Send private message

can someone give advice on whether the schools have specific intakes or can your child start school at any point througout the term?

it is looking more like we will be sending our daughter to an international school as she is 13 and although learaning Spanish is not fluent-althoough i really wanted to put her in a local school to get a better change of learning the lingo. i have also read on the thread that Spanish private schools do some lessons in English, is it a possibily she would do ok in one of these schools and therefore have the best of both worlds??

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02 Jul 2010 15:15 by delicloths Star rating in Sawley, Ribble Valle.... 23 posts Send private message


We were told you can start them at any of the new terms and pay the fees on a termly basis,


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02 Jul 2010 16:42 by angelmouse Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

Are you sure you were deliberately misled or was it miscommunication/or lack of understanding as the fee and registration system is a little peculiar. Either way if you liked the first school then is it worth looking elsewhere over a point of principal? Not all the International schools are suffering and there are still waiting lists for some schools. Swans primary is one example, very popular, particularly with the Spanish ( not hearing good reports on academic achievement for their secondary, ask for the results as they don't publish them which is suspicious in itself...all the rest do!). I love the EIC, similar price to Swans, fantastic academic achievement, great for children that are bright and supportive of those that need help. Fees do jump up from not too much for early years and reception children to around 4,000 euros per child from secondary, per term. Many classes already full with 20 children. They don't take more than 20 per class. There is an International School in San Pedro and of course Aloha. Aloha college also has excellent academic results. With ANY school you look at ask for the I.G.C.S.E results, the exams they take at 16 years. Ask what percentage  of last year's students got A-C and what percentage got A-B. Look at the schools with the three highest scores and go from there.....The results of 2010 will be out at the end of August. Any school that shies away from telling you the results dismiss immediately. If there are spaces in the International Schools you can join at any point. Those with children heading to year 10 may have problems as children choose their I.G.C.S.E's towards the middle/end of year 9.

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02 Jul 2010 18:39 by delicloths Star rating in Sawley, Ribble Valle.... 23 posts Send private message

I think a bit of both! misled and misunderstanding but either way it is going to cost us much more than we first expected!

It is a massive comittment with 2 children and minimum 10 years of schooling remaining  for our youngest.

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15 Jul 2010 15:29 by superman Star rating in ireland/mijas golf. 11 posts Send private message

Hi delicloths

Our son who is 13 goes to St Antonys college,so far it has being wonderfull. They have small classes and there is a good mix of nationalities.Their web address is stanthonyscollege. All  their fees and exam results are on the site.There will be staff there all over the summer,the phone no is 952473166.


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15 Jul 2010 15:51 by delicloths Star rating in Sawley, Ribble Valle.... 23 posts Send private message


Thanks for your reply, I had looked at the website for St Anthonys and it looked great I emailed them a few weeks ago but they haven't replied, we are heading over to Spain next week for the summer so I will ring and see if we can go up to the school. How far is the school away from Calahonda? We will be living in Elviria and I am quite happy to travel but unsure exactly where the school is? How many are there in the class sizes?

Thanks again for your help-Its good to hear from somebody who has actual experience with a school x

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15 Jul 2010 18:54 by superman Star rating in ireland/mijas golf. 11 posts Send private message


There are 17 in his class at the moment which is great for year 8.Its about 15 mins drive from calahonda as you leave the main road at La Cala and go up the back road which has little traffic.THe office is open from 10-13 every day over the holidays.Hope this has being of help to you.


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