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07 Mar 2010 00:00 by Geoff y Pat Star rating in Torre Guil / Sutton .... 90 posts Send private message

Hola, I know this question has been asked many times before but, what are the pros and cons of becoming a resident?  I have trolled through many of the posts on this site but cannot seem to get a definitive answer.  We completed on our property last June and stayed in Spain for about five months .  I believe once you have stayed more than 183 days you are classed as a resident and should register at the Police station.  We have spent about 60 days here in Spain already this year and are going home for a month or so but we would like to spend May to October here which would put us well over the 183 days.  Most people we have spoken to have a differnt views on this subject.  We have registered on the local Padron and would like to know where we go from here.  

Any help would be appreciated 


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07 Mar 2010 11:59 by guslopez Star rating in Lorca, Murcia.. 745 posts Send private message

If you stay more than 183 days you have to register, if you come with the intention of staying permanently you have to register within 30 days. Some areas of Spanish bureaucracy ,Like 'El Tráfico' treat you as a resident if you have an NIE number. Also remember that if you need , for some reason , to prove that you are not a resident, the onus is on you to prove nn-residency & not on the authorities to prove you are. So you need to keep flight tickets, ferry tickets ,etc. Or get passport stamped in & out.

If you become a resident you can no longer drive any foreign registered car in Spain.You are liable to make a tax declaration every, whether you have an income or not. Just a thought , a lot of Nie no.'s are now a combined residencía document. It might be an idea to check that yours is not.


Todos somos Lorca.

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07 Mar 2010 12:28 by patman Star rating in Chester and Los Alca.... 84 posts Send private message

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Is it 183 consecutive days or 183 days in total per year?

may the farce be with you

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07 Mar 2010 12:54 by Geoff y Pat Star rating in Torre Guil / Sutton .... 90 posts Send private message

Hi Guslopez, thanks for the info, I have checked our NIE's and I don't think they are the combined type as we have had them for about two years.  We certainly have no problem with becoming residents but did not want to jump in head first without knowing the positives or negatives.  We have a Spanish car so that's not a problem.  So basically we would just need to file a tax declaration before the 183 days are up?


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07 Mar 2010 13:52 by guslopez Star rating in Lorca, Murcia.. 745 posts Send private message

No, the date for making tax declarations is from May 1st. to June 30th. best thing would be to cosult an 'Gestoria' who will be able to advise you exactly what is best for you & normally will not charge for the initial meeting.


Todos somos Lorca.

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10 Mar 2010 14:18 by jamesy Star rating in Pilar de la Horadada. 7 posts Send private message

Have a look at the residency page on AngloINFO for loads of information on the subject


Finally putting my feet up!!

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11 Mar 2010 11:01 by Geoff y Pat Star rating in Torre Guil / Sutton .... 90 posts Send private message

Hola Jamesy, thanks for that, I will have look at Angloinfo.


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11 Mar 2010 20:44 by myra cecilia Star rating in Manilva Malaga. 213 posts Send private message

 Hello Geoff and Pat. Pros and cons of being a resident is a personal thing and depends on an individuals personal situation. Having a NIE does not make you a resident. Resident and non residents both have to make an annual tax declaration. At different times of the year and not when your hundred odd days are up.


Myra Cecilia.

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11 Mar 2010 22:46 by cornish-geri Star rating in costa del sol - Mija.... 16 posts Send private message

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 Hello Geoff & Pat,

don't know what part of spain you are from, but on the costa del sol, mijas costa in specific, My family and I are planning a move next month and i have recently been over to Fuengirola police station to get our NIE numbers and apparently now when you register the nie's and residence are all the same paperwork - so if you are in spain for more than 3 months (which is what i was told at police station) getting your nie means that your automatically resident aswell, whether you like it or not.  Hope this has been of help to you, but maybe different parts of spain work differently, depending on your area.


bye for now & all the best 

Thank you for your interest - Please take a look at my Eye on Spain Blog

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11 Mar 2010 22:54 by Sanchez1 Star rating. 852 posts Send private message

I also automatically got residency when I applied for my NIE in Estepona.  I think that was becuase I said I was living and working in Spain on the application form.  It saved me 2 trips so can't really complain.


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12 Mar 2010 12:37 by Geoff y Pat Star rating in Torre Guil / Sutton .... 90 posts Send private message

Thanks everyone, If I have got it straight, I just need to make a tax declaration and on another subject, possibly have a medical in order  to drive in Spain. 


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