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16 Aug 2009 00:00 by davidg Star rating. 247 forum posts Send private message


Hi Everyone

We have hired cars for the last 3 years mainly through Goldcar & have never had a problem until this last time.

On the day we took the car back (handed the keys back to the goldcar rep in the car park as usual & they looked in the car as they have done each time we took it back & nothing further was said) we have had a 30euro charge on our credit card which we have got premier carjet to investigate for us.

They have eventually come back to us after 2 weeks & said the charge is for cleaning as the car was excessively dirty. There are only 2 of us, the back of the car wasn't used at all & it was taken back in the same condition on the inside as when we picked it up. We can't remember what it was like on the outside, but certainly not excessive as we had only driven on the main roads.

We think this is just another scam from the hire car companies to make more money out of us all.

In future we will be asking them to sign something when we take the car back to ensure this doesn't happen again


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16 Aug 2009 10:58 by roddy1 Star rating in Leeds/ Balsicas. 250 forum posts Send private message

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Hi I suppose that like all business at present, are   feeling the pinch of the recession are going to claw back as much revenue as possible, perhaps another surcharge to watch out for!

Roddy & Tracie Leeds/ Balsicas

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17 Aug 2009 07:14 by steve&carol Star rating in Hayling Island. 33 forum posts Send private message

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We have just come back with having hired a car through carjet / goldcar for 2 weeks too.  Have not checked our statement but after reading your post I will do today.  Our car did not come completely clean there was some sand in the footwells and the drivers seat was stained with salt marks from wet trunks etc.  When we handed it back there was obviously more sand then there was but I did take the time to clear the boot as this was where we dumped all the beach gear.  I have always used goldcar and have never seen this before but will take a look at the smallprint.

My Glass Is Always Half Full

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18 Aug 2009 16:18 by fedup 15 Star rating. 1 forum posts Send private message

Used Gold car (5 cars) in Lanzarote and returned home to find an additional charge of 150 euro added to the credit card wthout any explanation.  Tried to contact them and they refuse to reply.  Credit card company are looking into this.  After searching many sites it appears car hire companies get away with this so easily.  I used a chip and pin facility and they still managed to get the money from my credit card issuer.  If I don't get the money back I am going to Trading Standards and then MP ifncessary.

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10 Sep 2009 19:41 by davidg Star rating. 247 forum posts Send private message

After several emails we have now had the 30 euros credited back to our credit card so it was worth while perservering.

We made sure they checked the one we had last week when we took it back which they were reluctant do !

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16 Sep 2009 22:02 by Pete & Debra Star rating. 3 forum posts Send private message

Hi, our advice to anyone hiring a car, no matter where, is to take photographs of the outside and inside of the vehicle when taking delivery, making sure that the company record any defects you come across. Then when returning the vehicle take another batch of photographs. It's amazing when these companies know you have done this that suddenly the damage to the vehicle or whatever isn't your fault. 

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27 Oct 2009 12:43 by harthillfoxes Star rating. 2 forum posts Send private message

GOLDCAR SCAM . In sept we travelled to Malaga and hired a 7 seater VW Toran from Goldcar as there were 6 people in our party. We had only gone for a long weekend , 3 couples , no kids , GREAT ! . Unfortunately on our return my friends credit card bill arrived with an additional charge of £1861.66 , after several calls and emails it transpired that we had returned the car without the 2 rear seats ! This is clearly a SCAM  as under no circumstances did we remove any seats , we needed to sit on them! When we dropped the car off we asked if they would like to check the car but they only checked the fuel , then 6 or 7 goldcar reps got in the car and drove off . Goldcar have reduced the amount to £883.39 and produced a receipt for the seats which is printed on plain paper that anyone could have printed . My friends credit card co ( Marks and Spencer) are not being very helpful saying he has to claim the money back himself, in the mean time interest will accumulate on the outstanding amount. We have asked Goldcar to check cctv as this will prove we were all sat on a seat but they say that is only available to the police . Goldcar say that is the end of the matter and they will not issue a refund. This is an alarming amount when christmas is round the corner and we have done nothing wrong . I never want to return to Spain again let alone hire a car !

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27 Oct 2009 17:48 by tinasolera Star rating in Murcia. 801 forum posts Send private message

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Ask the company for an Hoja de Reclammacion (complaints sheet) .....  do you have someone to get a complaints sheet on your behalf? These sheets are dealt with at the town council and cause alot of hassle to the comapany. May be worth a shot. i had someone try and do me over with an expensive item, i asked for the sheet and 5mins later thwey couldnt do enough for me.

Whats happened is disgusting and the more people that let it go because they feel there is nothing they can do the more they will con tourists in the future. How on earth do they get away with it.??!!



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