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16 Mar 2013 08:11:

 Can anybody please inform me if there as been any recent changes or updates regarding Spanish Horizontal Law etc.

Do communties have more power in restricting debtors services.

ie use of swimming pools basicaly non essential life threating  services etc?

Thread: Horizontal Law Changes

13 Jul 2011 20:41:

Hi Pickles


Thread: Driving to spain

13 Jul 2011 20:36:

Yes it never ceases to amaze me, even in the UK they go potholing, mountain climbing etc. They fail to check weather reports are ill equipped putting  other peoples life's at risk. Which is another burden on the tax payer, should be made to take out adequate insurance.

Thread: Mary-Anne Goosens: Am I Being Cynical?

13 Jul 2011 16:58:

Hi Hammersfan

I totally agree with you, it does not matter what ever the topic is it always gets turned into a doom & gloom thread.

Whilst no one wishes it subtract from their cause, when they continue to hijack every possible thread it just detracts from the subject, and just becomes tedious.

Basically hammersfan you are just wasting your time!


Thread: I see the Doom & Gloom Merchants have taken over the site again

31 Mar 2011 21:32:


Don't forget to include the  dodgy politians has well!

Thread: Name and Shame Bad Tenants


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