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David Rowe Spain

My thoughts and experiences on living in Spain

Tenants Association
30 April 2013

 Hi, i was wondering if tenants on an urbanisation can for an association to fight for their rights, does this exist in Spain? 

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22 April 2013

Well wifes car has its ITV today so fingers crossed.

The exhaust has been blowing for a few months and so we started the search for a mechanic/gargae to replace or repair. I had forgotten how stressful it is going to garages and getting quotes, the worry of am i paying too much! do they see us as a walking wallet?

Any way a friend suggested we could probably have it repaired, so off we went to a Garage some one recommended, the owner said yes we could have it repaired however he had too much work on and recommended a person working in Arroyo De la Miel, so off we drove, the person no longer worked in the garage but the owner Javi, said he would take a look and yes he could repair but would need the car for a few hours to see how much pipe needed replacing, so an appointment was made for the next day.

On the way home i drove into a Garage i found and asked for a second opinion, the owner had the car on a ramp and told me the exhaust was beyond repair and a new one was 394 Euros plus fitting. After i got up off the floor I thanked him and left.

The next day the car was taken to Javi,in and I asked what sort of cost it would be, Javi looked me in the eye and said "I am not sure but please dont worry it will not be expensive and I will call you before we spend any of your money." Off I walked ( rather hobbled as I am still with a stick after my accident ) to sample the joys of Arroyo. Some 3 hours later a call, "Hi David, yes we can repair and the cost will be 90 Euros in total"...There is a God!

I collected the car a few hours later to find a mechanic reparing a small dent we had in the bumper, free of charge. Money was paid and car drove home sounding much better.

A big thanks to Javi and the lads at the garage.




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Beach Casting & Fishing
13 April 2013

Today I went Fishing from Cabopino, the first time in weeks, my neighbour came down armed with his new fishing rod and permit. The wind was a bit cold and sea a bit rough but we had a good few hours, I managed to only catch 3.

As per expected the boys in green came along and inspected the permits of the people fishing, however the problem i had was lack of photo ID, i had my fish permit along with a copy of my NIE, but no photo ID, as i explained to the "nice man" your country stopped giving us EU members the nice plastic card with our pic on and gave us bits of  paper, and I dont wish to keep carrying my passport around especially when fishing on rocks ( still not walking properly after breaking my foot last year ), at last he decided i was not trying to committ a major crime and wished me a good day! Sunny gota love it!

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Fishing Permit/licence & Beach Fishing if you are ón Holiday
02 April 2013


 HI all,
I posted in a marbella Forum the process of how to obtain a fishing permit/license for here and have had a number of people contact me, so I thought I would do the same here. If you are seeking a fishing permit just send me a message and I will tell you what I did. It was painless and cheap, I paid under 6€ and the permit  is valid for 3 years. It is much cheaper than getting the fine from the "boys in Green". 
I would like to say I have seen the "boys in green" happily fine families and kids who are here on holiday for fishing from beaches or from say Cabopino harbour wall. Yes you can walk into a shop and buy a rod kit for very little and the shop will say nothing and to be honest most dont know about permits.


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