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N26 Bank, a word of warning about this APP Bank
Wednesday, September 12, 2018 @ 11:13 AM

N26 Bank makes App Banking Painful.

David Rowe, has been an N26 customer from when the Bank first started their social media advertising.

He was using the Bank to pay small bills and run it alongside his traditional Bank account.

The main problem with the APP Bank was the ability to withdraw cash as the ATM card had a small limit.

David thought that when N26 offered him a black debit card with a €2,500 daily limit this would make the having the account worthwhile and so he would use it for most of his banking.

But for David, that is when his problems started.

Firstly he was aware that ATM machines would not allow 2,500 to be withdrawn, his friendly customer service person via APP Chat overcame that problem, just use a few ATMs one after another or use the same one twice!

This is what David did, until one day his card was blocked.

N26 told him this was a master card issue.

David waited, and waited and waited.

Emails sent, help chats written, each time he was told a different Story.

Until one day he had a reply from N26 to say his account was terminated and access to APP blocked and Card Blocked.

But would you transfer out or withdraw your balance.

How could he do this with no card or not APP access?

So he started writing to the Bank.

Guess what, no replies.

The chat support refused to help.

So today David has lost over €4,000 and the wonderful new way of Banking has let him down.

Be very careful of which of these APP Banks you sign up with.







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