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David Rowe Spain

My thoughts and experiences on living in Spain

My Life in Spain
20 February 2018 @ 00:38

20 years i have been in Spain and have had the best highs and worst lows. The accident i had fighting the fire in Calahonda and putting me in wheel chair for 12months was one of the lows. Along with my health issues and getting sober and separating from my wife Irina.

The recession and closing my office was another, but 7 years ago i started a small business Touchstone Spain, working from a back bedroom. I worked with Banco Popular, offering clients a Bank Repossessed Property. Well 7 years later i am pleased to say that by just sticking to my dream and working hard, we now work with 20 Spanish Banks and no longer from a back bedroom.

This Year i hit 50 in January, 45 Kilos lighter than 2 years ago, mentally and physically in the best shape i have been in 25 years.
I achieved a Goal i have had for many years, that is to become a Promoter and Constructor.
Under our Brand Touchstone Promotions we are Promoting and Building on the Gateway to the Caminito del Rey, in the historic Pueblo Ardales, just 35mins from Malaga. There is a reason why we have chosen Ardales....but its our secret!

If you truly believe in yourself and your dream then stick at it, ignore the negative comments and people trying to cast doubt and run you down or remind you of your past mistakes. We are all winners, keep the dream alive!

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christineinseville said:
23 February 2018 @ 19:45

Congratulations David, overcoming all those obstacles, and proving the moaning minnies wrong.

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