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David Rowe Spain

My thoughts and experiences on living in Spain

I was told I would not make it to 50, that was 2 years ago.
Saturday, April 28, 2018 @ 3:07 PM

I have lived on the Costa del Sol for 20 years, i came to spain at 30, looking to change my lfe and what i thought was start afresh leaving my problems behind.

Life on the Costa has been wonderful but the style of my life was killing me and after a mild heart attack my doctor told me that unless i changed my life style i would not make 50. I did not listen and carried on my wild ways.

2 years ago on the 24th April 2016 I realised I was killing myself, I made the best descion of my life, I quit drinking. I have made big changes and today am 45 kilos lighter, I don't take blood pressure pills, I no longer have type 2 diabetes.

Has it been easy...NO....has it been worth it..YES....thanks to the people and the fellowship that helped me get to where I am today. We are never too old to change.....The Photo below is April 2016 and April 2018.

One of the biggest changes was my move to Ardales 1 year ago, I came for a new life I never thought It would also be a place where I could find a new opportunity for the business i foinded 7 years ago.

Touchstone Ardales is the only professional property company who are promoting and constructing New Build apartments in the Pueblo, as well as offering a full service Real Estate Agency.
Ardales known as "The Gateway to Caminito del Rey". is where Touchstone International as a business relocated in 2017 after 7 successful years in Marbella.
Many people scoffed and thought that I the founder had truly "lost his mind", but his vision and determination and belief that Ardales was a hidden gem and the next "Benahavis" but closer to Malaga and the airport has driven Touchstone forward.
It has just Been announced the caminito del Rey will be extended and made into a circular route, this will double the 1000 people per day who currently arrive to walk "Europe most Dangerous Hike".
In short this means more visitors, more accommodation required and more people visiting and falling in love with the area and wanting a holiday home or permanent home.…/extension-caminito-announced-…


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