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David Rowe Spain

My thoughts and experiences on living in Spain

Todays fun with Telefonica any my community....
14 December 2016 @ 12:24

Todyas fun in the sun. For 3 months I have had internet problems at home, telefonica have investigated and tell me it is the cable from the junction box to the apartment, it is not their responsibility, so please speak with the community, which i did. The community say not their problem it is a Telefonica Problem.
So Teleofonica arrived this morning as I told them internet not working, the engineer told me i should have their new wifi system, hey it costs more!, i did explain that for 18 months its been working fine and on your last visit YOU told ME the cable to the apartment was the issue.
So I put the Telefonica Engineer and Community Worker face to face, I sat back and watched. After a long discussion the outcome was no one wants to do anything but they all want their monthly payments.......I think this is how the government runs the country. Maybe a Spanish Trump is the answer!

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GB45 said:
18 December 2016 @ 10:34

Don't you just want to bang their heads together?

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