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David Rowe Spain

My thoughts and experiences on living in Spain

Small injustice
26 February 2013

I parked in an unloading bay recently whilst visiting Mijas Pueblo. My fault 100%, I was in a rush and did not notice the yellow zigzag or the sigh hidden behind a van. On returning to my car and I found the Police issuing me and the car parked next to me with a ticket. The car next to me was a hire car with driven by a pretty young lady who flashed the police a small and was not able to speak Spanish and was here on holiday, they told her to drive off. Me however the middle aged resident had a nice 200 error ticket.


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Students Strike
09 February 2013


 After picking up my regular Friday paper, I was interested to read about the Students who went on Strike this week. THe Students held a 3 day strike in protest at changes to the education system.

My experience of the strike was a little different to the story, my daughter told me on Monday evening that she could go to School if she wanted or stay at home for 3 days as the students HAD BEEN TOLD they were on strike! I said well if you don't strike and you go to class then you still can do your lessons as the teachers are NOT on strike! "OH no" was the reply, the teachers are not going to teach us of 3 days but they will sit in class with us to keep an eye on us. Rather than waste petrol on driving her to school I kept her at home where she did what she would of done at school anyway, spend 3 days blackberry in hand texting her mates!...

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Changing my Driving License
09 February 2013

 Well, i have the photos, a new copy of my Padron Certificate, my UK license, Passport, NIE and yesterday I took the medical exam. Which consited of Eyesite test, blood pressure which was a little high, (i dont think 3 cups of coffee before the test are a good idea), and the co-ordination test, ensuring two lines stay on two moving roads with your right and left hand, then pressing a red button when you think a dot has come to the end of it journey and answered questions about my health.

Now I will take the trip to traffico in Malaga to apply for the Spanish License with all of the above.

Fingers Crossed

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Gift Horses
06 February 2013

 A friend on mine was given a Turtle head mounted on a wooden board two years ago, he did not like it but it came a s a present from a customer so he kept it and hung it in his Bar. THe Guardia Civil arrived today and removed it after taking photos and statements from him. Always look the gift horse in the mouth!

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Being self employed in Spain
06 February 2013

 One thing about being self employed here in Spain is to try and ensure that business help one another, so sorry if people who read this blog feel i am just promoting my clients. 

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Jacks Family Bar Calahonda
06 February 2013

 La Chispa are pleased to assist in the launch of Jacks Family Bar in Calahonda.

Welcome to Jacks, Sports bar & Restaurant. A family run bar located in Calahonda, Mijas Costa. Only 10 minuets away from Fungriola and 15 from Marbella.


Jacks prides itself for catering for the whole family and offers great meals at great prices. If its breakfast, Sunday Lunch or an Evening meal Jacks can cater for you and your family.


Our sunny terrace offers a place to sit and relax in the Spanish Sun and enjoy a drink and tapas or two.


If you are a sports fan then we pride ourselves in showing all the latest live sports events on our 5 large plasma TVs, including all premier league football, boxing, rugby, golf or formula 1.

Come to Jacks Happy Hour

Monday - Friday 4 - 6 pm

All Spirits + Mixer 3€,

Bottled San Miguel or Mahou or Estrella 1€,

Pint of Carling or Dry Blackthorne Cider 2€.



Meal Deals at Happy Hour


Chilli Beef & Chips

Chicken Curry & Chips

Crispy Cod, Chips & peas


Only 3.50€

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