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David Rowe, launches "Bags for the Homeless" in Malaga Province
14 February 2020 @ 11:19

Homelessness has been very close to heart, as I have been in the unfortunate circumstance of being in that situation several times in my life.

Professional Beggars outside of supermarkets are not the People I am seeking to help.

I am seeking to help genuine Homless people.I have been a secret donator to homeless people for sometime.
Not serial professional beggars.

But homeless people.

There is always a worry on where the money will be spent. I have my own thoughts on this which I am not sharing.
I am launching through my company Touchstone Spain

Bags for the Homelss

These will be a bag of items that will be given to homeless people in the area.

I am not asking for any donations or physical help at this stage, but I am asking for some ideas as to what to include.
I am trying to keep costs under 15e per bag.
So your thoughts please.

Currently the bag contains:

  1. Toilet Roll

  2. Wet Wipes

  3. Soap

  4. Razors

  5. A hand towel

  6. Pack of Tissues

  7. Toothpaste

  8. Tooth Brush

  9. Socks

10)Chocolate Bar

11)cereal Bar

12) tins of tuna

13)Chap Stick

14)Body lotion

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