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David Rowe Spain

My thoughts and experiences on living in Spain

Macdonalds Estepona
Friday, February 10, 2023

Macdonalds in Estepona has opened a Rolald gym next to the burger shop....why? We go to buy burgers which we know are unhealthy...just get back to serving fat and hungover people...

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Rebuilding my life
Friday, February 10, 2023

It has been hard at 55 to ster over, but i have looked to my skills and experience and have started to look for work. I woild love any recomendations where to look for more work.

I have experince in Telesales, Marketing, Caring, Pet sitting, Painting and decorating and Gardening.

Looking for help peeps.

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Walking Tours Of Casares Pueblo
Sunday, January 15, 2023

What to expect on our walking Tour.

Email us today for info, tours start 1/2/2023 -


The main square in Casares is an excellent place to begin your exploration of the village.

Here you will find the statue of Blas Infante, the Andalucia nationalist leader. He was executed by Franco’s forces at the start of the Spanish Civil War.

Also admire the neoclassical Fountain of Carlos III in the center of the square: it has served as the source for fresh water for Casares since the late 18th century.


Just a short walk from the main plaza, you will find the birthplace of Blas Infante on Calle Carrera.

The Casa Natal is now a little museum worth a browse. It showcases events in the life of the Andalusian political leader, and his works.

Blas Infante Pérez de Vargas, to give him his full name, was also a writer, historian, and music scholar.


The Ermita de San Sebastian, located by the main square, dates from the 17th century.

It is also known as La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Rosario del Campo. She is the patron saint of Casares.

It’s a charming little church, with a single nave, and a bell tower.

Admire the facade, then step inside if it’s open, to view the serene interior and savor the silence.


The ruins of the old castle at the top of the hill are a must-visit.

If you keep walking up Calle Villa from the main square, and you’ll come to an arched passageway (The Villa Arch) that you can walk through to the ruins.

Or you can take Calle Arrebal through the picturesque old Arrebal Arch to the castle.

Not much remains of the old castle, but you can still see some parts of the old fortifications, including a part of the walls.

The old Moorish Castle had two entrances, and one is through the picturesque Arco del Arrabal, a stone archway that still survives.

The arch comes up on the route to the castle, so it’s a quick stop to admire the work and snap a few photos.


Also in the complex at the hilltop is the small hermitage of Vera Cruz, built from the ruins of the Moorish castle.

Originally built in the early 19th century, the hermitage, with its beautiful arched entrance and small white dome, has been restored.

You can’t go inside, but you can view the interior from beyond the railings.


While the ruins and the church are interesting, the main reason for the trek to the top is to take in the jaw-dropping views. Taking in these awe-inspiring views are one of the best things to do in Casares!

From the viewpoint at the back of the church, called the Mirador del Tajo de la Planá, you get expansive views of the surrounding countryside., you’ll also find the former Iglesia de la Encarnación.

The church was built in the very early 16th century, over the mosque that stood at the site. Its bell tower used to be the minaret of the mosque.

Damaged during the Spanish Civil War, the structure now houses the Centro Cultural Blas Infante, a small museum.


The top of the hill in Casares is a great place for birdwatching, so bring your binoculars if you enjoy birding.

Look for birds of prey: peregrine falcons, kestrels, and Griffon vultures are spotted here.

The magnificent Griffon vultures make a splendid sight as they glide in the air above the village.


On your way back down from the hilltop, take the time to wander the pretty alleyways of Casares.

The streets are narrow and some of them are steep, but it’s a picturesque wander, with the white facades and colorful flower pots.

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What a "Life"
Friday, January 13, 2023

I have not posted for a while, but i feel like starting Blogging again.

Happy 2023 to you all.

I have lived and worked in Spain for 24 years and ran a business called Touchstone Spain for 11 years, Covid ruined my business as all clients came from overseas.

I also contracted covid in Feb 2020 and was seriously ill and then suffered the effects of long covid, depression loss of hearing in one ear and this resulted in many personal relationship problems. My ex [*] found it hard to cope with my illness and after many problems we split and i was forced to leave the house. Having no money, no work, no car I became Homless at the age of 54.

I was on the streets of Fuengirola and then Sabilnillas as it was safer.

I was rescued by a wonderful family who could see i was not an Alcoholic, junkie oimless guy. I kept my self clean and tidy but was forced to beg for food money. Guys it was a hard thing to have todo. But peoples kindness really amazed me.

Today i live in a semi ruin in Casares Pubelo due to the kindness of the lovely family, i am now trying to rebuild my life.

I will use this blog to hihlight the problems of Homless people and also give a message of hope to everyone, what is worrying is how fast things can change.

Take Care People and God Bless you All.

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The Lockdown
Saturday, March 14, 2020

Corona Virus, Press Release.
Touchstone Spain & Touchstone International Group. 
We will be taking calls and emails as per normal. 
With staff working from home.
We are continuing to book viewings with the Banks to view Repossessed Properties and are happy to line up viewings for after the Lockdown.
We will continue to market the latest Spanish Bank Repossessions.
We have been advised that as of Monday the Lockdown takes effect.

Exceptions To Movement Restrictions
The Prime Minister announced the decree which means people are only permitted to leave their homes in the following circumstances:

Travel for food or medical supplies
Travel to your workplace
Visiting health centres of hospitals
Assisting the elderly and vulnerable
Visiting financial institutions and banks
Personal emergencies
Fifteen Days Lockdown
The lockdown will remain in place for a minimum of 15 days.  Police are likely to stop and question anyone who they believe may not be abiding by the rules.  The government also has the right to draft in army support if civil unrest becomes an issue.

Our Office line and what's app line and emails will be answered.

Stay Safe

David Rowe, 


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Bags for the Homeless in Malaga
Friday, February 14, 2020

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David Rowe, launches "Bags for the Homeless" in Malaga Province
Friday, February 14, 2020

Homelessness has been very close to heart, as I have been in the unfortunate circumstance of being in that situation several times in my life.

Professional Beggars outside of supermarkets are not the People I am seeking to help.

I am seeking to help genuine Homless people.I have been a secret donator to homeless people for sometime.
Not serial professional beggars.

But homeless people.

There is always a worry on where the money will be spent. I have my own thoughts on this which I am not sharing.
I am launching through my company Touchstone Spain

Bags for the Homelss

These will be a bag of items that will be given to homeless people in the area.

I am not asking for any donations or physical help at this stage, but I am asking for some ideas as to what to include.
I am trying to keep costs under 15e per bag.
So your thoughts please.

Currently the bag contains:

  1. Toilet Roll

  2. Wet Wipes

  3. Soap

  4. Razors

  5. A hand towel

  6. Pack of Tissues

  7. Toothpaste

  8. Tooth Brush

  9. Socks

10)Chocolate Bar

11)cereal Bar

12) tins of tuna

13)Chap Stick

14)Body lotion

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N26 Bank, a word of warning about this APP Bank
Wednesday, September 12, 2018

N26 Bank makes App Banking Painful.

David Rowe, has been an N26 customer from when the Bank first started their social media advertising.

He was using the Bank to pay small bills and run it alongside his traditional Bank account.

The main problem with the APP Bank was the ability to withdraw cash as the ATM card had a small limit.

David thought that when N26 offered him a black debit card with a €2,500 daily limit this would make the having the account worthwhile and so he would use it for most of his banking.

But for David, that is when his problems started.

Firstly he was aware that ATM machines would not allow 2,500 to be withdrawn, his friendly customer service person via APP Chat overcame that problem, just use a few ATMs one after another or use the same one twice!

This is what David did, until one day his card was blocked.

N26 told him this was a master card issue.

David waited, and waited and waited.

Emails sent, help chats written, each time he was told a different Story.

Until one day he had a reply from N26 to say his account was terminated and access to APP blocked and Card Blocked.

But would you transfer out or withdraw your balance.

How could he do this with no card or not APP access?

So he started writing to the Bank.

Guess what, no replies.

The chat support refused to help.

So today David has lost over €4,000 and the wonderful new way of Banking has let him down.

Be very careful of which of these APP Banks you sign up with.







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I was told I would not make it to 50, that was 2 years ago.
Saturday, April 28, 2018

I have lived on the Costa del Sol for 20 years, i came to spain at 30, looking to change my lfe and what i thought was start afresh leaving my problems behind.

Life on the Costa has been wonderful but the style of my life was killing me and after a mild heart attack my doctor told me that unless i changed my life style i would not make 50. I did not listen and carried on my wild ways.

2 years ago on the 24th April 2016 I realised I was killing myself, I made the best descion of my life, I quit drinking. I have made big changes and today am 45 kilos lighter, I don't take blood pressure pills, I no longer have type 2 diabetes.

Has it been easy...NO....has it been worth it..YES....thanks to the people and the fellowship that helped me get to where I am today. We are never too old to change.....The Photo below is April 2016 and April 2018.

One of the biggest changes was my move to Ardales 1 year ago, I came for a new life I never thought It would also be a place where I could find a new opportunity for the business i foinded 7 years ago.

Touchstone Ardales is the only professional property company who are promoting and constructing New Build apartments in the Pueblo, as well as offering a full service Real Estate Agency.
Ardales known as "The Gateway to Caminito del Rey". is where Touchstone International as a business relocated in 2017 after 7 successful years in Marbella.
Many people scoffed and thought that I the founder had truly "lost his mind", but his vision and determination and belief that Ardales was a hidden gem and the next "Benahavis" but closer to Malaga and the airport has driven Touchstone forward.
It has just Been announced the caminito del Rey will be extended and made into a circular route, this will double the 1000 people per day who currently arrive to walk "Europe most Dangerous Hike".
In short this means more visitors, more accommodation required and more people visiting and falling in love with the area and wanting a holiday home or permanent home.…/extension-caminito-announced-…


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My Life in Spain
Tuesday, February 20, 2018

20 years i have been in Spain and have had the best highs and worst lows. The accident i had fighting the fire in Calahonda and putting me in wheel chair for 12months was one of the lows. Along with my health issues and getting sober and separating from my wife Irina.

The recession and closing my office was another, but 7 years ago i started a small business Touchstone Spain, working from a back bedroom. I worked with Banco Popular, offering clients a Bank Repossessed Property. Well 7 years later i am pleased to say that by just sticking to my dream and working hard, we now work with 20 Spanish Banks and no longer from a back bedroom.

This Year i hit 50 in January, 45 Kilos lighter than 2 years ago, mentally and physically in the best shape i have been in 25 years.
I achieved a Goal i have had for many years, that is to become a Promoter and Constructor.
Under our Brand Touchstone Promotions we are Promoting and Building on the Gateway to the Caminito del Rey, in the historic Pueblo Ardales, just 35mins from Malaga. There is a reason why we have chosen Ardales....but its our secret!

If you truly believe in yourself and your dream then stick at it, ignore the negative comments and people trying to cast doubt and run you down or remind you of your past mistakes. We are all winners, keep the dream alive!

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