What is a Denuncia exactly?

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20 Feb 2010 00:00 by tinasolera Star rating in Murcia. 801 posts Send private message

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I volunteer in a dog refuge and recently we had a pick up of a pitbull. She was chipped so the owners were called. The woners arrived but didnt hace the license required to own a dog of this type so the pitbull hasnt been released. Anyway the owner has family in the Guardia Civil and has served a denuncia on the refuge owner EVEN THO its the law that permits him releasing the dog.

What exactly is a denuncia? Will the refuge have to find money for a defense? The whole thing is bloody crazy!



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20 Feb 2010 22:41 by jayce Star rating. 81 posts Send private message

As I understand it a Denuncia is a report made to the police eg if someone stole your handbag, you would go to the police station and report it, or a robbery, etc etc. In this particular case I would release the dog or this could become an ongoing problem with the rescue centre. You know you are in the right but at the end of the day its who the owners know......

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20 Feb 2010 23:02 by TechNoApe Star rating in Duquesa, Manilva. 1278 posts Send private message

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Even better...

Go to the local Police Station, with all the facts and the Denuncia in hand, and then serve a Denuncia on the Family and the Police Office who served the Denuncia on the Refuge.

At the end of the day, the Refuge is not braking the Royal Decree on Dangerous Dog's, but the owners are and I bet they didn't inform the Police that they didn't have the required paperwork.

We had to get all the paperwork for our Tyler, who even though he was a Rottweiler, was the softest big dog you ever did see... and we moved from the UK to Spain, and still got all the legal paperwork sorted.

So this, I assume Spanish Family, will know all about what they should have and will also try and get away with it.




Me, the Mrs and Rosie too! But we'll never, ever forget our Tyler!

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21 Feb 2010 10:36 by tinasolera Star rating in Murcia. 801 posts Send private message

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We definately cannot give the dog back, we would be breaking the law which is why we cant understand why the denuncia was ever allowed to be served.  If any solicitors can shed any light what this means for us i would appreciate it alot.




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21 Feb 2010 10:46 by EOS Team Star rating in In Spain of course!. 4017 posts Send private message

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Surely if they take the denuncia back to the Guardia Civil and explain the reasons the dog hasn't been released then that should be it...or am I being a bit simplistic with this?

I don't know as I've never had to deal with a denuncia before.



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21 Feb 2010 12:46 by guslopez Star rating in Lorca, Murcia.. 745 posts Send private message

No Technoape has said exactly what you should do.Now that they have served a denuncia that you won't give it back, you serve one stating that they are not in posession of the required paperwork to own & keep the dog & that by handing it back you will be breaking the law. If you don't make the denuncia you are leaving yourselves open, if the police turn up with the owner & insist you give it back, to a prosecution for giving it back without correct paperwork. Try what Justin says 1st, but if you get no sense make the denuncias their & then.


Todos somos Lorca.

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