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05 Apr 2018 00:28:

You contact the local scrap yard they will collect the car and deal with the paper work for free. This is in Malaga province.

Thread: Car Scrappage Costs

12 Apr 2017 00:32:

Seems to me the Notary was negligent. To cut a long story short...my elderly, (92) father was taking a family member to court over stolen money.  The family member said my father was not capable of remembering the facts etc and that the money in question was a gift. We took him to a Notary and the Notary questioned him at great length and came to the descision that he was indeed of sound mind and totally  understood everything around him etc etc. Unfortunatly he died before the case came to court. However, under threat of court proceedings, and the Notary's statement the money was returned.

Thread: A battle of Wills - A cautionary tale.

10 Nov 2015 23:20:

Good Luck..........you will certainly need it !!!

Thread: How to do business with Spanish business owners/ companies?

13 Mar 2011 01:11:

I  don't live in Greenhills but sometimes walk the dogs nearby. Everything seems to be OK,  The apartments are very nice but you do need a car if you rent there. Nearby is Santa Maria Village, similar apartments. I think 600 would be more the rental cost. If you prefer to be closer to the shops, have a look at Los Jardines de Santa Maria, or Los Patios. I have a friend that has a one bedroomed apt in Los Patios, 500 I think. contact me again if interested.

Thread: Long term rent in Santa Maria

04 Mar 2011 23:04:

When renting long term i.e 11 months or more, it is  best to just change the bank account to the tenants bank. If you pay the bills yourself and charge the tenant, you will have a problem if they do not pay you. Doing it the other way they are more likely to ensure utility bills are paid or they will be cut off....

Thread: Household bills on Long term let's?


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