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25 Nov 2009 00:00 by Davo0101 Star rating in Epsom, surrey. 16 posts Send private message

 Hi All, 


I have been searching for propety in the Costa del Sol and have managed to pinpoint my search in the Estepona area. I have started a few threads on some of the options I have been researching, including a new development ALcazaba Hills and Fractional Ownership.  

However I continually hear a link between Disney World and Spain. I have heard everything from the own land out here but went with Paris years ago instead to them only opening some sought of Safari Park.

If anyone has any information on this I would greatly appreciate any comments as I am sure this would certainly add value in the future to the area. 





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25 Nov 2009 17:13 by llamacalmer Star rating in Surrey & Sierra Golf.... 316 posts Send private message

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This is a rumour that been going round for years - if you believed them all, there would be dozens of Disneylands in Spain by now!


It seems that the rumours were started years ago, when estate agents/developers were trying to get us Brits interested in buying in Spain, and every now and again they seem to surface.


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25 Nov 2009 17:16 by EOS Team Star rating in In Spain of course!. 4017 posts Send private message

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I cannot see it happening anytime in the next ten years.




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25 Nov 2009 17:20 by Alison&Simon Star rating in Hamilton,Scotland - .... 1102 posts Send private message

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Rumour, rumour, rumour, just a whole lot of hot air from agents desperate to sell, take everything they say with a huge pinch of salt and use your common sense.

Hope you find something soon and research everything




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25 Nov 2009 17:59 by Davo0101 Star rating in Epsom, surrey. 16 posts Send private message

 Thanks all, 


I actually didnt hear this from an agent although it´s possible that it originated from those sources. I just want to know if there is any truth to the rumor or if it is totally false. Is there anything factual out there that can be verified.


I have looked on Disney websites and googled and found stuff but it was all based around rumor. I couldn´t find any articles. Are there Any?????

The one thing I found was:





This message was last edited by Davo0101 on 25/11/2009.

This message was last edited by Davo0101 on 25/11/2009.

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25 Nov 2009 18:17 by John Wolfendale Star rating in Granada. 57 posts Send private message

Just rumours

By the way there are some beautiful apartments in the Estepona area. The show flats are very impressive, they are well designed, well thought out, with lots of facilities on hand. You may well know them

They are also probably in over supply and would be difficult to let or re-sell because of this should that be part of your plan.

When you are shown around by some well known agents in their car there is always a call to the agent on his mobile from head office that one has just become available on the basis that the purchaser cant complete and that you can step in right now and save 20% ( or something). They are going like hot cakes and if you dont want it then someone from the office will probably take it. You can use your credit card. Its very tempting. And it may all be true. As I said the properties themselves are impressive. Its just that the same thing happened to me on 3 or 4 separate occasions and it smacks of sharp practices.

Missing a bargain is OK because there will always be other opportunities. But at all cost avoid making a mistake. I took a client I was representing round once. He was very keen. With hindsight he is very grateful to me for that peice of advice which I thought I would repeat here.

John Wolfendale ww.EcoVidaInternational.com Tel 958990964 Mobile 606380244

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25 Nov 2009 18:40 by Davo0101 Star rating in Epsom, surrey. 16 posts Send private message

 Hi John, 

I was actually editing my post at the same time you was making yours, and it was funny because the gentleman I am dealing with at the project that I am most interested in was actually telling me some of the trciks of the trade. 


But when I was making the edit I was adding this article


It was 3 years ago when it was written although some of the posts are newer. But I appreciate your advice. 



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25 Nov 2009 18:56 by hugh_man Star rating in Kent/Roda . 1419 posts Send private message

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Just to reassure you that the Disney rumour is still doing the rounds among agents and others in Murcia as well and for good measure this was posted on another Costa Calida Forum..............................


A bit of good news, I hope. I have just heard from an investor friend that a Harry Potter Theme Park, built by Universal Studios, is at an advanced planning stage.
The park will be situated on a large plot of land just outside Balsicas and will be similar to the Universal Studios attractions park in Florida. There are many investors involved including Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid football club.

It is hoped that it will be completed in under 3 years.

Needless to say, this will have a major impact on local property prices and rental potential.

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25 Nov 2009 19:40 by rowlandsbb Star rating in Gloucestershire &Hue.... 765 posts Send private message

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Disney world in Spain is a bit of 'Fun or Spin'

but not  the real world today and for that matter any new 'Fun Park'...the finance is just not available

If you are buying today you buy as seen

the banks like CAM Bank have a lot of property to off load and the prices are discounted by circa 30%  but they give to non residents 80% LTV

To make it easy to buy

Any large leisure development needs a healthy residential market to make it pay and is competing with this so that is a few years away!

But Disney in Spain.....may be wrong but I am the wrong side of 60! and I do not expect to see it !!!!





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25 Nov 2009 20:50 by davebangor Star rating in Bangor (the one in b.... 92 posts Send private message

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In October 2007 a person in a high position within MRI (remember them) tried to ram home his hopes of a sale by giving me the old "Disney coming to Estapona rumour" routine.

I can reveal to you that I am not a genius - neither am I a half-wit and this was the line that convinced me that nothing the guy said could be relied upon.

Happily as I understand it MRI no longer plague potential purchasers in Spain.


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25 Nov 2009 21:33 by KP Star rating. 229 posts Send private message

I'm afraid this is probably yet another fairy story put about by developers and agents, if I had a pound or euro for every time I have heard this story over the last 10 years I would be able to buy Disney myself.......

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26 Nov 2009 01:01 by Surveyor Star rating in Estepona, Costa del .... 32 posts Send private message

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RICS Chartered Surveyor living amd working in Estepona.

Disney have been intereted in the past and the latest I've heard is that they have enquired about land that is currently owned by the Gadafi family from Libya and others that takes most of the hillside from Benahavis westwards to Rio Padron, Estepona. Its zoned as not urbanizable so there will be planning struggles ahead for any use, but the economic job benefits would be hige so probably it would get through. However, there have been rumours for years and before Paris, Disney or some other major operator were supposed to have been frightened off by greedy owners and Ayuntamiento around Manilva in the past. Other large operators have also been mentioned, so maybe some day. If it does happen its likely to blight the area around it for years as construction with dust, noise and traffic occurs and then when its operating, with the same. If you are a little way away from it, maybe OK, but its definitely a double edged project. Personally, I hope that it doesn't come as it will spoil a beautiful area.

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26 Nov 2009 12:57 by samcampbell Star rating in Costa Del Sol. 136 posts Send private message

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Hi Everyone

A long time ago I used to work for one of the big Real Estate Agents here on the Coast (not MRI, who indicentally are still here on the coast) and we were all told that it was infact Warner who were looking to build a theme park over in the Manillva area, but this information at the time was given to us by Developers, so maybe that answers everyone's question... As rumours go, I prefer the latest one doing the rounds, that Morrisons are opening a supermarket here on the Costa Del Sol next year!!


Sam Campbell Business 1st...

mail: info@business1st.es


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26 Nov 2009 14:03 by Sanchez1 Star rating. 852 posts Send private message

I would say that it's highly unlikely that Disney would be interested in building a theme park in Spain any time soon. 

It seems to be shifting its focus to the Far East, with a park opening in Hong Kong in 2005 and one in Shanghai to be opened in the future.  That's where it sees the best growth opportunities apparently.


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