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23 Nov 2009 00:00 by rowlandsbb Star rating in Gloucestershire &Hue.... 774 posts Send private message

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Now there is a Community thread for this development but not everyone looks at it and also buyers and potential buyers have not all yet been advised of the recent development

Hence this post

The history is that Huma Med S L had to stop ACC [ Almanzora Country Club] and buyers were given an option to change to Oasis [ OTCC] in January 2008-many did but due to the banking crisis 12 months ago building stopped

Perhaps a sign that Banks are more positive now but building work has now re started

The developer is Huma Indalo SL and they now have arrangements with builders to get going again and also Santander [ one of the largest banks in the world] will provide mortgage facilities to buyers

This again is positive as up to now non residents have found mortgages difficult [ except for Bank repossession sales like from CAM Bank who will provide them also but only on their sales!] 

So if you have taken the OTCC option or would like to , or just a new buyer [ of which there are quite a lot] then you now know the 'News'

Huma Indalo SL did send out an e-mail last week and an attached PDF but not everyone involved has received it yet

If anyone would like a copy please get in touch and I will send it 

A couple of points that anyone who reads this thread should know:

Quite a lot of ACC buyers do not like or trust Huma Med S L or any company with the Huma name and from their perspective it is fully justified

I was in ACC then changed to OTCC. so I am a happy buyer that OTCC has re started even though there are still some matters to be sorted...my deposit of 54K € is I'm sure no longer at risk

There is no doubt that OTCC does have all the permits and although I have all the papers to support this , the fact that Santander is now involved indicates to me that ' 2009 and into 2010' OTCC will be built and is fully legal'   


This message was last edited by rowlandsbb on 23/11/2009.

This message was last edited by rowlandsbb on 23/11/2009.





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02 May 2010 08:50 by stevesara Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

Hi : My wife and i are in the same position as yourself  . Let me introduce myself my name is Steve and we recieved a call from Huma asking us what colour tlles we wanted in the villa as completion will be before December and they have sent Photos showing work is continuing . We were a bit shocked as we were told by our spanish solicitors that we shpuld get our monies back as we have bank guaranties and to start the process now , which was back in febuary . I am still not sure what the best thing to do as both of us want to continue but do not want the same disapointment we had with A.C.C. sTEVE

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02 May 2010 09:28 by reidpj Star rating. 239 posts Send private message

Hi Steve


There is a whole section on here dedicated to OTCC.  For advice on what to do in your particular stuation, read the following thread: http://www.eyeonspain.com/community-forum/18751/oasis-thabernax-country-club-info_.aspx  



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02 May 2010 11:32 by helmet Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

Hi All,my names is Jules,I also started off with ACC 5 years ago and like many took the option of OTCC simply because I want a place in Spain and I felt there was more chance of the property being built than getting my money back,which is a fairly substantial  amount !!!   Having had the phone call from Spain asking about the outside tiles gives me great  confidence that finally we are going to see OTCC built and are going to have that Spanish holiday home which I for one will be using on a very regular basis!!!! Hurrah. Jules

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13 Sep 2011 13:40 by Rambi Star rating in Tenerife, Canary Isl.... 82 posts Send private message

This is of interest to those who have lost their deposits with Huma.

There is a group action being taken against them on a no win no fee arrangement. The leaders of this group have been very successful with other small group actions against developers, banks etc.. There has to be a limited number in the group. The absence of bank guarantees is not a problem. If you would like to learn more please PM me.

This is not a scam or another waste of time and money. You will see from my previous postings that I am fighting to get our money back for everyone.

With no win no fee what have you got to lose?



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29 Apr 2013 22:42 by LucasAsociados Star rating in Almeria. 124 posts Send private message

The Courts of Murcia have declared Huma Mediterráneo SL in Administration.

The resolution has been published in the BOE (Official Bulletin) on thursday 25th april 2013.

Creditors do have 1 month to communicate their credits to the Administrators appointed by the Court (Técnicos Concursales Asociados 2012, SLP) on the electronica address concursal@grasesores.net BEFORE 24th MAY 2013

Our advise is to communicate credits as soon as possible and, then:

1) If your contract hasn't been cancelled, sue both Huma and Banco Popular or CAM (which was the banks receiving funds), depending of where you sent the advanced paymentsfunds)

2) If your contract has been cancelled, sue the bank in which you made the advanced payments (CAM, Banco Popular, ...).

Please notice that the COMMUNICATION OF THE CREDITS must be done TO THE EMAIL ADDRESS mentioned, and that any communication to the Courts can be considered void; and that YOU HAVE ONLY ONE MONTH.


E. Lucas Read my blog http://www.eyeonspain.com/blogs/lucasasociados.aspx

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