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18 Mar 2010 20:09:

I am a part time Murcia resident on La Torre  and residents are asked to stump up €55 for what is a well constructed but short course. As a cost per yard basis it is a world leader I would reckon.

Of course La Torre is a Polaris World so you could be forgiven for thinking they must surely have some imaginative offers in an attempt to rake in some much needed cash. Sadly you would be wrong!

I am fortunate in so far as I ceased being a fanatic after being addicted man & boy. For the last few years I have not played more than half a dozen times a year. You should  try it, whilst I might struggle to maintain my low single figure handicap, I feel the freedom to really enjoy a round without stressing over the score has brought back my enjoyment of the game.

Thread: Golf courses struggling and facing closure

25 Nov 2009 20:50:

In October 2007 a person in a high position within MRI (remember them) tried to ram home his hopes of a sale by giving me the old "Disney coming to Estapona rumour" routine.

I can reveal to you that I am not a genius - neither am I a half-wit and this was the line that convinced me that nothing the guy said could be relied upon.

Happily as I understand it MRI no longer plague potential purchasers in Spain.


Thread: Disney World Spain??

13 Mar 2009 12:30:

After an exhibition in Belfast I went to Costa del Sol with MRI . We were shown around by a very pleasant guy who was one of the many directors. All was very relaxed & enjoyable and we saw some properties that we would have liked but without exception the push to and past the maximum budget we had indicated.

We finally decided we would love to buy a substantial 3 bedroom apartment on Dona Julia and said we would think about it overnight and do our sums as it was substantially more than we had budgeted.

Morning came and our contact came to collect us and we gave him the bad news that we couldn't afford the property. The relaxed approach suddenly vanished and while not explicitly stated the mood appeared to be one of "why are you paupers wasting my time" interspersed with great ideas such as - you could take a "no proof of income" mortgage & don't worry your only problem will be what to do with all the rental income. I'm sure you have heard it all before. We even had an offer of 15% down and nothing to pay until the property was ready.

His final idea was that if we were to place a reservation deposit to hold the apartment for 5 days he would break convention and have a clause inserted that we could have our deposit back if we withdrew within the 5 day period. At my wife's urging (as an escape) we agreed to do so and he took us to a solicitor.

We duly pulled out after some reflection back home and amusingly when we got the very prompt refund the exchange rate had gone in our favour to the tune of £25. Leaves me wondering am I the only person who has profited from pulling out of a contract with MRI.




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