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01 Oct 2009 00:00 by Davo0101 Star rating in Epsom, surrey. 16 posts Send private message

I am thinking of purchasing a property in a new development called Alcazaba Hills in Estepona, can anybody give more information on the area and the development???? I have heard good things so far!! Anybody??

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11 Nov 2009 12:09 by melanie.hickey Star rating. 2 posts Send private message


I have just posted some information on Alcazaba Hills Resort which might be of interest to you.  If it helps I could put you in touch with some owners of other Alcazaba resorts in the area to help you make up your mind.  The Alcazaba brand has won lots of awards as have the developers, the Leria Group including the Best Property Agents and Developers (Bellevue Awards).  This might give you some confidence in making the investment.  Incidentally although I live in Spain my family are from the Epsom area.  I'll be back there soon!  Let me know if I can help.  Melanie


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12 Nov 2009 16:10 by Davo0101 Star rating in Epsom, surrey. 16 posts Send private message

 Thanks Melanie, 


I am new to EYE ON SPAIN, where have you posted the information?? (Excuse my ignorence)

I have looked at the development myself and it does seem to be coming on nicely. I have researched the Leria Group and am very impressed. 

Do you have any info on whats sold up there already?? 

What about the area?? Anyone??


Thank you 


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12 Nov 2009 18:15 by melanie.hickey Star rating. 2 posts Send private message


Well I thought that I had uploaded an article on Alcazaba Hills Resort on Eye on Spain but I guess I did something wrong as I can't see it. I know there have been sales made there lately and there are some exciting plans if you are a golfer. With regard to the area, a new Mercadona supermarket has opened up at the bottom of the road in and a 5 star resort is now nearing completion on the beach side opposite.  I live nearby so I can see what's going on.  I could give you a contact number of someone at Leria who could give you information about their plans if it would help. I imagine you must have visited the website?

Hey, the weather is fabulous here; it's still summer, beats Epsom, even with the horses!

Best wishes



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13 Nov 2009 14:10 by Davo0101 Star rating in Epsom, surrey. 16 posts Send private message



Yes it is much nicer than Epsom, I live close by in Stoneleigh. 


I have spoken to someone down there. He raves about the Estepona area but I have not visited there myself. I have plans to go there in January and stop by there. If you could send a link to the article, I would appreciate it. I have googled some stuff and may have already seen it.

Do you actually work for them??




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14 Nov 2009 12:02 by tinto. Star rating in Scotland & Nr Estepo.... 243 posts Send private message

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Agree totally about Estepona which is being upgraded all the time. We bought an apartment almost two years ago just to the east of Estepona for it proximity to Puerto Banus and Marbella we now hardly ever go to these places. Just hope id does not become too touristy!

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16 Nov 2009 13:00 by Davo0101 Star rating in Epsom, surrey. 16 posts Send private message

 Thanks Tinto, 


You have place in that area??? 

If so, how does it compare to the other side of Marbella?

I have spoken to some people who bought in Fuengirola and they say it has gone down hill.  I want somehwere that has a good mixture. What upgrades are you talking about?




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16 Nov 2009 19:34 by tinto. Star rating in Scotland & Nr Estepo.... 243 posts Send private message

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Where we bought is at Cabo Bermejo it is fairly quiet which we find is good as the buses run every 20 minutes either way so we can go to where ever. Estepona have just completed paving all the street that run parallel to the front  and are all pedestrian only which has really made a great improvement.

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17 Nov 2009 11:17 by Davo0101 Star rating in Epsom, surrey. 16 posts Send private message

 Thanks Tinto, 


Do you know anything about the Alcazaba Hills development which is where I am looking at??

I am visiting in january and will be visiting the development. (I will let you know how I get on). I am trying to find as much information as possible before I go. I have researched the developer and read only good things. 

If you have any info it will greatly appreciated, thanks.

If anyone else is reading this and has a comment or an opinion, please let me respond, thanks.



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17 Nov 2009 20:27 by Smiley Star rating in San Pedro de Alcanta.... 2502 posts Send private message

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The developer has a very strong reputation for quality - Alcazaba Beach is one of the most sought after developments in Estepona - no problems with the community as it is long established with many Spanish owners (involved in the legal profession) so it is run honestly and efficiently. The beach development is a strong brand for resales but that is probably due its location rather than quality as some of it is quite old now and dated - still commands good prices nevertheless.

Estepona is a big sprawling town and itself is very Spanish still - not especially touristy although change seems to be on the way - the periphary of the centre has become something of a concrete jungle bordering what was once a sleepy fishing village. I doubt it will ever become the Fuengirola of the west as there are now tighter controls over development and no room on the Paseo to develop all those greasy spoons serving all day English breakfast. There has been talk of a developer trying to expand the marina (Abrahamovics name has been mentioned - but this is the Costa del Sol so that is up there with Mickey Mouse), which could be a good or bad thing depending on your perspective. It probably lacks good commercial shopping facilities - I dont mean grocers etc but more modern shopping (I am not a shopper and trying to give an objective view) - plenty of tradtional stuff but Marbella is just down the road. Plans are approved for a new commercial centre (similar to La Canada) just off the motorway between the two main junctions for Estepona although in the current situation money will not be forthcoming to progress that. Gibraltar 15 minutes away so subject to where you fly from it could be an advantage....

something to consider is that the Town Hall is bankrupt - this could have a knock on effect on local property taxes in time - unless they get a bail out from the government (which appears unlikely).


Smiley -

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17 Nov 2009 21:42 by tinto. Star rating in Scotland & Nr Estepo.... 243 posts Send private message

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When we were looking for an apartment one of the first places we were taken to see was at the front at Alcazaba Beach, and I immediately thought this is the one - then we were told the price!!! If money is not a problem I would agree it is a great  Location, Location, Location.

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17 Nov 2009 22:49 by AJB1 Star rating in Benahavis, Costa del.... 63 posts Send private message

Hi Davo

I can tell you a little about Alcazaba Hills as we went to have a look at it a couple of weeks ago - out of curiosity really. It is by the same developer as Alcazaba Beach, however where Alcazaba Beach is in an ideal location, on the beach front and within walking distance to Estepona's amenities, Alcazaba Hills is up a winding road past Estepona Golf and just feels to be in the middle of nowhere.

There is absolutely nothing within walking distance so a car is essential. The actual urbanisation has potential and is due to have similar facilities to Alcazaba Beach but at the moment it seems like a ghost town/building site. It looks as if only a couple of the properties have been sold, and there are loads of them, and we just saw a man and a dog who seemed to be the only people who lived there (or they may have been the security). Nothing is finished and we didn´t see anyone working on it when we were there at midday on a week day.

After living in Spain for over 18 months now and needing a car to get anywhere, we´ve decided that we´d like to move to Estepona Town and be able to walk to places now and then. You may be happy driving everywhere, but that is something you'd certainly need to consider with Alcazaba Hills.

We love Estepona and spend most of our time there - the Spanish people are very welcoming and we certainly feel at home when we're there but that has taken a while.

I hope this is helpful. It really depends what you´re looking for. If you need any more info just let me know.


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18 Nov 2009 20:04 by Davo0101 Star rating in Epsom, surrey. 16 posts Send private message

 Thanks AJB1, 

I appreciate your advice. I have spoken to a gentleman at the development who has assured that they are working up there. He sends me photos occasionally and although I cant verify when the photos are taken, they do show improvements.

I am going to be there in January so  I will definately see for myself. The track record they have with the Alcazaba Beach is also encouraging. 

I wish you luck with your search in Estepona town and I am sure if I lived over there my criteria for a property would be alot different. However, some peace and quiet is what I am looking for in a holiday home. I live in the Epsom area, which is basically South London. 

I want to look for something that isnt isolated but isnt surrounded by other developments. From what I understand this falls in this criteria. 

Thanks again, 


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19 Nov 2009 20:40 by Surveyor Star rating in Estepona, Costa del .... 32 posts Send private message

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I am an RICS chartered surveyor living and working in Spain and based in Estepona for the last eight years. I have not visited the site, but drove past it along the motorway today and again wondered "Why?" As the advert says, the secret is the location.  It  is not good. Look at the location on Google and you'll see that the whole southern boundary of the site is the motorway, without even the benefit of having a direct access. Yes there is a lovely view down the valley  to the sea, but first you have to look and hear the motorway.  To the Northeast, there is a small quarry site. As the crow flies, it is more than 3 km from the beach, probably nearer five by road. It's at  least 10 km road from Estepona town centre  so you do need to drive back from the evening restaurant or get a taxi.  It is an area that has unfortunately been caught by the crisis, with  a substantial number of developments partly built and developers  having to decide whether to completing them or leave them as shells to wait until the market improves.  Combining it with the neighbouring Casares Beach area, there are thousands of empty apartments available for sale. The area to the east of Estepona, named the 'New Golden Mile'  is slightly better as  most of the developments have actually been completed and sold off. However, they have seen drops in value of up to 40% with values now having fallen from their peak in 2006 to the same levels as  they were in 2003.

Now is a good time to buy. Though prices are predicted to fall some more,  the main drop has happened and there are some great bargains around.  Estepona is attractive, both its traditional town centre and around the Port.  There are lots of things to do and it's a good centre for travelling to see other places. There are plenty of  remote/quiet locations if that's what you're looking for, but much nearer the town.  There is no need to buy somewhere that is part complete with all the uncertainties of that. Also the prices are likely to be higher as there are many people  needing to sell  in completed, established developments at prices less than the property could be built at.

Get on a plane, hire a car and drive around. When you're considering spending hundreds of thousands of euros/pounds, surely the minor cost of a  long weekend holiday looking at locations  is not too much to ask of yourself. You'll save the cost many times over.

All Property Matters

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25 Nov 2009 16:25 by Davo0101 Star rating in Epsom, surrey. 16 posts Send private message

 Hi everyone, 


thanks for all comments. 


I agree with Surveyor as far as it is a good time to buy and that is why I am looking at all options. I will look at the area that you suggested and appreciate your advice. I know that I want to be on the western side of Marbella so will limit my search to there. I am going out in January so will look around then. 


Also have you heard this DISNEY WORLD LINK to the area. I have heard this for years now but have never heard anything concrete. 


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25 Nov 2009 18:15 by Marky1969 Star rating. 11 posts Send private message

Hi. im currently staying in duquesa port for five months and have joined estepona golf club which is close to Alcazaba hills. it looks remote just like  the casares del sol development which i have also visited . i think it will be a generation or two before these areas start to thrive ! ! The beach front  / marina is better lively bars and restaurants good internet connection, nice beach walks , An excellent new Mercadona 5 minutes drive away.

I tried buying in spain a couple of years ago off plan but the development stopped halfway through i fortunately got my deposit back through the bank guarantee i had in place . We are renting a 300,000 euro beach front apartment for 400 euros a month this option suits us perfectly as i could never afford the mortgage on this property but can enjoy an extended winter break because of the low rent, i also have flexibility where i spend future winters. and i dont get involved with estate agents, lawyers etc  . Hope this helps  . 

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25 Nov 2009 18:21 by John Wolfendale Star rating in Granada. 54 posts Send private message

Dave0101 you may be interested in a post I have just made on a thread related to the rumoured Disney World development.



John Wolfendale Tel 958990964 Mobile 606380244

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26 Nov 2009 11:28 by Davo0101 Star rating in Epsom, surrey. 16 posts Send private message

 I saw that John, thanks.

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