Jet2 online check in rip- off

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29 Aug 2009 00:00 by Marksfish Star rating in Vera, Almeria. 2473 posts Send private message

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I see Jet2 are following in the footsteps of Ryanair in an attempt to squeeze more money out of the poor passenger. My Wife is going to Spain next month and has been told that she now has to chek in online or pay £3.00 each way for airport check in, £6.00 if you are taking hold luggage (paying twice as much despite having already paid for the bag!!).
Checking in online is a fiddle too. If you want to sit next to each other, you have to pay £6.99 per person each way to choose your seats. If you choose the pre- allocated option you are told that you have 10 minutes to complete check in and that at least 2 seats in a reservation will be next to each other. Well, my Wife didn't want to pay another £27.96 for her and her friend and chose the pre- allocated method. Outbound, seats 34D & 34F, inbound 34D & 40C, so those two seats in that one boking are next to each other, not!!!! That is depsite the fact the plane had only 20 people checked in, so there were another 170 seats available at least, so it can't have been load factoring!!
Jet2 were never the cheapest airline around in the budget category, but their airport service almost made up for that. It could be that Ryanair starting flights from Leeds to Murcia is a blessing, making Jet2 go back to the reasons people chose them over the blue and yellow airline originally. I would much prefer to pay a little extra for an all in experience than play the games that they all seem to be playing now.
Rant over, going to bed now.


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29 Aug 2009 00:27 by bobaol Star rating. 2260 posts Send private message

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Nighty Night, Mark.

Oh, since everyone has been pretty upbeat about Jet2, thought I'd look and see if driving up to Manchester or Leeds would be an option in November.  Well, no flights to Alicante in November from Manchester. Leeds 99p one way and £41 return.  Pretty good but it came up as £206 for two with no hold luggage.  Seems like it is Ryanair but more expensive.  Will stick to the 15 minute drive to E MIdlands and a choice of Ryanair/Easyjet/BMIbaby/Thomson rather than the 2 hour drive to Manchester or Leeds.


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29 Aug 2009 01:44 by roddy1 Star rating in Leeds/ Balsicas. 250 posts Send private message

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Hi Marksfish

The check-in charge as been going on for the past several weeks long before Ryanair announced flying from Leeds. I have made quite a number of bookings, it seems this charge happens when taking hold luggage, but not when taking hand luggage only. charges on 

Roddy & Tracie Leeds/ Balsicas

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29 Aug 2009 10:18 by Marksfish Star rating in Vera, Almeria. 2473 posts Send private message

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The charges are payable at all times now if you want to sit together, not only when you have hold luggage. If you are happy for one to sit at the frot and one at the back then it is free. However, to check in at the airport is £3ea without a bag, £6ea with a bag and £6.99ea online to choose a seat!!

I realise this had happened a while ago, but don't forget Ryanair were flying to Alicante long before the new route arrivals so Jet2 have had time to study the way they operate in a bit more depth. It seems that what they give with one hand (removal of fuel surcharges) they take awy with the other (additional check in fees).

I long for the day when transparency in ticket prices rules. After all, when you buy your bus ticket and the priceis advertised as £1, the driver doens't then load you with a 20p fuel surcharge & 20p to sit next to the friend you are boarding with .


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29 Aug 2009 12:32 by roddy1 Star rating in Leeds/ Balsicas. 250 posts Send private message

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Hi Marksfish on the last two bookings that I have completed, on the online check-in for friends and family when it came to allocation of seats 3 out of 4 seats side by side and one either row on in front or rear behind. I did also that it could allocated better seating arrangements as more than adequate space available.

Example: 21a, 21b, 21c and 22b

When 21d was available in fact their was quite a few options which it could have given all 4 seats across the row.

I also wish that all airlines would show the true cost of their flights at the onset.

I have flown with most of the budget airlines, easy jet, ryanair, thomsonfly,bmibaby,

etc, but still prefer out of the bunch.

Sick of people stating that flights only costs £00.01 - £00.99 to go to Spain etc.

When the true cost far exceeds those figures.

I suppose on a plus point that if you can still manage to get a flight for £50.00-£75.00  return then it is still good value, just wish like you that figure advertised was the actual price. But I believe within the next 2 years that will happen, with Trading Standards continually kicking kicking their a**es! 

Roddy & Tracie Leeds/ Balsicas

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29 Aug 2009 12:52 by Marksfish Star rating in Vera, Almeria. 2473 posts Send private message

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I wouldn't object so much to the online seat allocation fee if it wasn't more than twice the price of airport check in!! If they made it £3 as per the airport check in where you are always allocated seats next to each other when space permits, and you are asked where you want to sit, £6.99 to do all the work yourself and pritn out boarding passes is somewhat excessive I feel.


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29 Aug 2009 14:24 by richard4848uk Star rating. 45 posts Send private message




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29 Aug 2009 14:30 by Marksfish Star rating in Vera, Almeria. 2473 posts Send private message

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So did you get your seats together then? Both persons were checked in online last night in less than 5 minutes but were still allocated seats in different parts of the plane. I know it says that if you do it within 10 minutes it is supposed to allocate at least 2 seats together, but not in our case. Also, when the Wife rang India today she was told oh yes, we can change it for you.... At a cost!!!

edited to add:

The biggest problem with the online check in is that you have to check each person in individually. If you could check in as a group as you would at the desk, most of these problems could be avoided.


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29 Aug 2009 17:29 by richard4848uk Star rating. 45 posts Send private message

Sorry edited my post and it disappeared !!!!!!

Complained to India about a 9 year old and an 11 year old been separated from their Grandad....changed the seat at no cost other than the phonecall to India ( !!!! whatever that was I hate to think )

Strange that you did not get seats together if you were within the 10 minute time slot.

Its little things like this that Jet2 should keep on top of cos when that Irishman starts flying from Leeds

things like customer service are going to count for a lot in my view.


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29 Aug 2009 21:35 by roddy1 Star rating in Leeds/ Balsicas. 250 posts Send private message

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Hi Marksfish

It is quite possible that any any ajoining seats, are also in the same boat. I think that if was separated a great distance from my partner, that when the trolley dolly's came around to order a coffee, then state that my wife will pay you, but she is seated at the other end of the plane. This on a large scale will then slow sales issue into such a state that the revenue lost might make them change to letting people sit together. I read fairly recently that cabin crews each have to make a certain percentage in sales per flight.

Roddy & Tracie Leeds/ Balsicas

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15 May 2010 11:32 by arjen20 Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

** EDITED - Advertising **

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11 Mar 2011 19:03 by mohe Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

 My wife and I have just suffered at the hands of Jet2 and it left me very suspicious.

When I checked-in online we were offered a choice of 10 seats none of which were close together in pairs. All the rest of the seats were marked as unavailable so I assumed that 95% of the passengers had already checked on on-line and that only these 10 seats remained unallocated.

But as soon as we reached the airport it became obvious that this was not true - at least 50% of the passengers were checking in at the airport and getting seats in pairs.

It seems likely that Jet2 deliberately offer a very restricted range of isolated seats to people that check in on line in the hope that they will buy some better seats.

if true (and I can see no other explanation) someone, somewhere has deliberately written a programme to offer a few isolated seats to people that check in on line.

This feels like fraud; if not illegal it is seriously dishonest.


Has anyone else an explanation?



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11 Mar 2011 22:37 by Joe1949 Star rating in Manchester. 61 posts Send private message

 Jet2 are expensive compared to Ryanair (when running No Tax offer).

I object to being bused right around Manchester Airport cos they are too tight to pay for a stand.

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12 Mar 2011 13:17 by Marksfish Star rating in Vera, Almeria. 2473 posts Send private message

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 The check in system "should" allow multiple check ins to be allocated next to each other, however.... You have 5 minutes to check in before the seat allocation changes, good luck if you can check in 3 people in time!!! We usually only manage 2, so use Ryanair instead.

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