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09 Jun 2009 00:00 by Beth Cameron Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

I just wanted to post a note about Murcia Furniture as we recently had our apartment furnished by them at Condado Del Alhama. We truly had great service and although there was a problem with one of the bedside cabinets, everything else was delivered and installed on time and in a very professional manner.  I know the bedside cabinet has to be replaced by the supplier and that there are a few delivery issues with transport companies in Spain at the moment but I know this will be resolved in due course.  I dont hesitate to recommend them

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09 Jun 2009 17:16 by Camnmat Star rating in Clydebank, Scotland. 29 posts Send private message

Glad to hear it. I have arranged for them to furnish my apartment, I was dreading opening this post when I seen the headline on the forum.

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11 Jun 2009 16:08 by hairbear Star rating. 78 posts Send private message

I work in Logisitics in Spain and there are NO  transport problems in Spain so please be careful if this is being given as an excuse for non-delivery.

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13 Jun 2009 11:21 by pam1966spain Star rating in La Tercia- Gea Y Tru.... 56 posts Send private message

Yes, please be careful, I was taken into MF by my estate agent who insisted everyone else was rubbish. They were very professional to the point of annoying, ringing me over and over again when I left the store.!!!!! I didnt buy there in the end as I got a considerably better price from another store. They quoted me for exactly the same wooden furniture items  (same supplier) for nearly 30% less, their beds were considerably better and cheaper (solid upholstered bases not the very naff slatted ones MF tried to palm me off with) The sofas were also silly money and the leather was very poor finish and highly glossed which usually means cheap quality. I think my agent must have been on a bung because he hasnt taken my calls since.




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13 Jun 2009 17:17 by Forhotspot Star rating. 233 posts Send private message

Hi Pam,

     What is the name of the store that you bought your fruniture & where is it located?




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15 Jun 2009 09:32 by pam1966spain Star rating in La Tercia- Gea Y Tru.... 56 posts Send private message

DFS in the centre of San Javier for everything except electrical, got that from Media Markt which turned out to be a big mistake as delivery didnt turn up on day they said, when it did FF was damaged and still is. DFS were brilliant, came when said, fitted everything, cleared up and best value I found in area and I went everywhere belive me. Speak to Cora she is great.

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15 Jun 2009 09:53 by lifeline Star rating in Murcia. 358 posts Send private message

lifeline´s avatar

 We used DFS and got really comfortable beds and a lovely dining room suite. Their service was great. We used another super family business- Electro Regalo for all white goods, lighting and air con. They are in Roldan not far from San Javier and worth a visit. They have a great after sales record too.



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18 Jun 2009 17:55 by suemac Star rating in Jumilla, Murcia. 1001 posts Send private message

We also used Murcia Furniture and were more than happy with the service.  We had to postpone a couple of times as our flat wasn't ready when expected, but they were fine about this.  There were a couple of slight differences in what we received, but they resolved that to our satisfaction.



 Sue Walker

Author of "Retiring the Ole Way", now available on Amazon

See my blog about our life in Spain:

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20 Jun 2009 13:02 by nathalie janzen Star rating in murcia. 14 posts Send private message

I agree . Murcia Furniture did also for us a great job. They did not seem to get fed up about all the little specific requests that we had and after the installation it all worked out perfectly. I could not have imagine that this hassle would be taken out off my hands on such a plassure way.

My hustband even did not had any comment.... Great....

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20 Jun 2009 17:07 by oldman40 Star rating. 24 posts Send private message



You seem to have been very lucky indeed! it is well known in Spain that Murcia Furniture are struggling financially and are letting customers down regularly. The problem is they import a lot of things from China and now do not have the money to order more items as their cashflow is so poor.

Staff are not being paid and they have shut their other shops some time ago.  TO OTHERS PLEASE BE VERY VERY CAREFUL!!!!!!

As somebody else stated there are no issues with deliveries for other companies, we used Spanish Furniture Supplies and they were fantastic! all things made to your specification and all supplied locally so no issues with importing!

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20 Jun 2009 17:30 by nathalie janzen Star rating in murcia. 14 posts Send private message

dear oldman40,

To be honnest we heared a lot of rumers about a lot of furniture companies. And as we have bought a multiple of houses with a group (Total of 18 houses), we wanted to be sure that we were dealing with a good company who is capleble to do multiple packages. And as they are one of the biggist with nice quality furniture we went to them. We checked them completley and they don,t buy in China but a view poducts in Malaysia but the major furniture they buy in spain. They even took us to one of their manufactures in Sevilla (great day). Because we had special requirements. And yes they told us that they have closed 1 shop in Mojacar because of all the development that are not moving forwards in that area. And this together proberley with the fact that less people buying. Well I think it,s a wise thing to do. Anyhow I don,t have a problem at all to recommend Murcia Furniture at all.


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22 Jun 2009 13:30 by hairbear Star rating. 78 posts Send private message

Sorry to be abit sceptical but is Nathalie Janzen the same Nathalie Janzen ( telesales employee) who works at Murcia Furniture. 

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22 Jun 2009 14:10 by inspectahomespain Star rating in Murcia, Spain. 2157 posts Send private message

Vip Supporter

There is actually very little solid wood furniture manufactured in Spain which is why, most organisations, import for the far east and there is very little issue with quality

Lots of places for example sell the Mexican pine ranges, very popular and quite a soft wood material, but what varies dramatically is the pricing as I have seen the SAME table and chairs offered in stores for a set to esat 4 from €289 - €1150

The same side cabinets varying from €279 to €850, all same items same manufacturer

For tables sofas etc one good, but not fool proof test is to lift the item and feel the weight. On cabinets push on the sides and see if they move as often with some flat pack packages

Understand the difference between faux and real leather furniture, sometimes for a rental you don´t need real leather

Don´t pay all of the money as some people will ask, pay a small deposit with the balance, less 10% for any snagging problems, on installation as we often check packages for buyers on installation as part of the snagging process

The key is to shop around and not , as many people do because of the restriction on time or bacuse they arrive on a Friday not realising most shops close Saturday and Sundays, tend to only visit the shops that they have found via forums and the internet 

I know that I have said this before but perhaps just by beds to that you can use the property and have time to shop around as you can save thousands of euros

And finally is this is staff promoting then it is very naughty and I am sure that the business owners would frown upon this practice, lots of people in this business, because of the dramatic slow down in completions are struggling but personally I have not heard any rumours about this company

Roy Howitt Independent Property Consultant WE CAN FIND YOUR DREAM HOME 627 955 748

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22 Jun 2009 14:31 by oldman40 Star rating. 24 posts Send private message

I have posted already today to reply to Natalie and friends to apolgise if I have cause any offence with any postings on here.


However if Murcia Furniture have managed to sort themselves out then good but I know many people who either worked for or took customers to them and have not been paid yet!


Again I am only informing people of a possible problem, sorry if this is a problem but I thought that`s what nice people do?

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27 Aug 2009 15:11 by eibhlist Star rating. 8 posts Send private message

I've just had a nightmarish few months dealing with Murcia Furniture and wanted to warn others before anyone thinks of buying from them.

We paid them in March to furnish 2 apartments for us. Only 2 weeks ago did we have the last in a series of disasters rectified by them which means that I have been pulling my hair out for the past 5 months 

The list of what went wrong was very long and that in itself was exasperating. What was worse, however, was the list of crazy excuses and tall stories from their staff, the main culprit being Nikki. God help any woman who tries to deal with her as she is very rude and dismissive. She wasn't as high-handed with my husband so she obviously communicates better with men. Another one of the staff actually said to me on one occasion that she could give me an excuse for yet another late delivery but that she would only be making up a story. She obviously knew that I had been fed some of those previously and was trying to be honest for a change!!

Anytime something was late, we had to do the chasing. They never called us as planned so we ran up a high phone bill in dealing with them alone.  When they decided to change our order to deliver 'alternatives', they never informed us and this happened on three occasions. They changed the spec on our sofa-bed, outside lights and quilt covers and actually expected us to believe that they can do this as per our contract with them.  Our sofa-bed was not replaced by them as they said that the manufacturer had gone out of business.  They also told us that the company who made the quilts had gone out of business but lo and behold when my husband persisted that their alternative was poor quality, they delivered what we had ordered.

They delivered a bed for our single room and put the bed and headrest (nailed to the wall) on two different walls. Yep, you couldn't make that kind of stuff up!! The bed didn't fit even though they recommended it based on the apartment specs they keep in their office.

They delivered the wrong mattresses and no quilt covers so when I arrived over on Holy Thursday (before Easter), the children and I had to sleep on what seemed like bed bases with only towels over us to keep warm. We were absolutely freezing and ended up Torrevieja the following day buying duvets. We had to drive that far as most shops were closed (based in Condado De Alhama)

Other residents in Condado experienced similar issues so we were not alone!

The list of late and incorrect deliveries is endless! Very few items were actually delivered ontime and as per invoice! Their customer service once we paid was crap! Not much else to say really...................... except, GO ELSEWHERE!!!!!

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27 Aug 2009 15:53 by Soul2Soul Star rating. 7 posts Send private message

I must say, I have noticed the delivery men are at least 70 years old.  It´s quite unbelievable how they have managed to lift furniture in this heat! 

Before I get grief from the mature eye on Spain readers, I am just pointing out that it´s not really a job for older people.  Perhaps they should stick with bowls and golf and allow the younger fitter men to do the work.  The trouble is the pensioners are willing to do the job for half the money but lifting heavy furniture should be left for the young fit lads to do.  Move over codgers and allow the younger people to get some work for a decent living.

Sorry to be so blunt but it has to be said.


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27 Aug 2009 18:08 by Hemmins Star rating in Leeds & Jardin 5, Co.... 10 posts Send private message

We bought our furniture from Murcia Furniture and I can honestly say before we paid they were great ... offering to go out to the property and measure up just to check that everything fit OK.

Unfortunately when they got their hands on our money it was a totally different story and thankfully we went out to the property before everything was delivered otherwise we would have ended up being unable to move for the furniture - their idea of does it fit, seems to be will it go through the door ?

They stated that we ordered the goods and they wouldn't refund the money stating that we had to accept a credit to spend in store - great idea when we'd just fully furnished the place !

Personally I definately would NOT recommend them or use them again !!


Mike & Dawn

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27 Aug 2009 19:36 by inspectahomespain Star rating in Murcia, Spain. 2157 posts Send private message

Vip Supporter

Knowing this company I am very surprised eihkist with the problems that you have had with this company as I know lots of people that have been happy with their service and I have personally, becaise of my snagging service, checked a large number of their installations and found the fit is normally of a good quality

I don´t know if you have spoken to the owner who is in the showroom most days but I am certain that she would be interested to discuss things and perhaps they should compensate you in some way for the service problems

I believe that I as always present a balanced view and yes of course we have found problems with some fits but I believe that the real testi s how things are resolved and again this has been done efficently

I suppose one on the differencies is that we are actually checking the installation and finding problems long before the customer arrives to use the property so the sort of issues you had would have been seen but this doesn´t excuse the service that you have received

I am sorry to say this but I am alaways slightly suspicious when a following post ,also critising a company, is the first post made by a user

I am disappointed however to hear the comments about credit notes and refunds as, yesterday via another private forum, I was contacted by somebody wthat had paid a large deposit and, due to the fact that the builder had gone bust and they were able to get all of their money back via a BG, they did not need the furniture and Murcia Furniture agian refuse any sort of refund.

I would have thought that given the circumstances that they could have refunded some money less perhaos a handling fee for the sake of goodwill

Roy Howitt Independent Property Consultant WE CAN FIND YOUR DREAM HOME 627 955 748

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27 Aug 2009 23:16 by Hemmins Star rating in Leeds & Jardin 5, Co.... 10 posts Send private message

I can fully understand your suspicions about it being a first post but I guarantee you that it is 100% genuine - I am not connected with any other company is Spain and am purely speaking from my personal experience.

I did visit their showrom and did speak to various people and I was bluntly told that it was totally against company policy to refund money ... I was told that I had signed their terms when we made the purchase - which I actually didn't ! - and their terms were clear NO REFUNDS.

We finally decided to buy 2 sun chairs to wipe out the credit and they even made us pay full list price refusing to give us the discount we had originally agreed "since we didn't buy the items as part of the original package" - strangely we didn't originally want them and only bought them rather than leave a credit outstanding !

Overall the product we received is good quality, although for the price we paid it should be, but their service once they had got their money was disgusting

The following is the comment we recceived from them despite having sent them our key so they could ensure that everything fit as they agreed to do before we confimed the order and sent them the money since we were ordering without visiting the completed property:

"Also you will see from the Terms and Conditions that I emailed over to you, you will see the follow:
The Acquirer takes responsibility to ensure that the dimensions of the furniture selected are suitable for the rooms in the property"


Mike & Dawn

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27 Aug 2009 23:45 by lotty Star rating. 10 posts Send private message


Just want to ask how to get to Murcia Furniture showrooms.

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