Monarch Manchester (and Luton) to Almeria

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30 May 2009 00:00 by carolandrichard Star rating in West Yorkshire and P.... 93 posts Send private message

I have just spoken to Monarch and they have confirmed that there is no winter route from Manchester or Luton to Almeria. The lady could not tell me if they intend to go back in again next summer.

BMI baby from East Mids and Jet 2 from Leeds only operate a summer route into Almeria - so basically we're stuffed! No winter Almeria flights.

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30 May 2009 15:19 by Marksfish Star rating in Vera, Almeria. 2565 posts Send private message

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But Palomares isn't far from Murcia and Alicante is a nice drive.


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09 Jun 2009 19:44 by wetone Star rating in PALOMARES. 220 posts Send private message

Have you tried Monarch´s Manchester to Murcia flights?  I have just checked and they are still flying in November and December and are pretty cheap.  From Murcia to Manchester is between 18 to 26 euros (plus taxes, of course) on various dates in November.  We have written to Monarch protesting them stopping all four weekly flights from Almeria to Manchester, their reply was that they are not going to reinstate any until next April/May.  However, there is a petition on the Almerimar Life site, I have put a link in the Fligh



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09 Jun 2009 19:54 by carolandrichard Star rating in West Yorkshire and P.... 93 posts Send private message

Hi, thanks yes I have signed up for the petition, I saw you mention it on another thread.

Yes, we have used Monarch to Murcia a couple of times, don't particularly like Murcia though, particularly as the flights are generally late and we have been diverted before when a flight is late up there. A couple of weeks ago a flight was late coming in and they 'boarded' us at the normal time - we ended up being left out on the tarmac for about an hour and a half waiting for the flight to land - very bizarre!

Maybe we might get lucky and one of the cheapos decides to fill the slot in Almeria!

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14 Jun 2009 14:21 by binlady Star rating in Im from Bradford bu.... 1 posts Send private message

Who wants to make a 2 hour drive up to San Javier (murcia) and wait around in a tiny airport for your delayed flight back to Manchester......... I know I dont . I moved to Puerto Rey because it was far enough but not to far from Almeria Airport. Its making it a long day travelling when your just nipping back to UK on business for a few days.

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14 Jun 2009 15:53 by Marksfish Star rating in Vera, Almeria. 2565 posts Send private message

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Are you cycling to Murcia? 1h 15- 20m tops obeying the speed limit, it's only 2 hours to Alicante. Never had a delayed flight from Murcia, although plenty from Alicante and never flown from Almeria so can't comment, but a few of the airlines seem to pull out of there for winter anyway.

We regularly pop over to Puerto Rey via Murcia for a weekend, no problem as the roads are so much nicer in Spain.


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14 Jun 2009 20:02 by arranleesmith Star rating in Thalassa. 211 posts Send private message

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The flights advertised by Monarch may be cheap, but you have to add on the cost of the toll (both ways if you are picking somebody up!) and the additional fuel and time factor...........

Give us back our flights to Almeria or I'm going to get very cross!


Lorraine Braid.

 (already wearing the shades!! and looking cool!!!)

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14 Jun 2009 23:29 by nfm2862 Star rating in Welling, Kent & Al A.... 1461 posts Send private message

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I agree that Murcia is not the airport of first choice. It is too small & nothing there.

Almeria is slightly more civilised & only an hour door to door as opposed to an hour & a half to Murcia.

The other plus factor for Almeria is that you don't have to pay €25 in tolls for the return trip.



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15 Jun 2009 01:26 by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

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Dont think I'd want to do either Murcia-Almeria or Alicante-Almeria by road at night, during the winter in the rain...or snow...

Monarch gave us the same choice when they pulled the Gatwick- Granada service; for us now its Malaga(120Kms) or Seville (210Kms). 

Granada is served only by Ryanair; no-one else does direct UK Granada flights...




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