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19 Mar 2010 00:00:

Five months ago I moved house.

Six months ago I contacted my telephone company (TELE2) to cancel my contract.

Every month for the past five months they have send me a bill, followed by a phone call asking why said bill has not been paid, every month I explain that I canceled the contract and they shouldn´t be sending me bills in the first place.

The staff at TELE2 seem to have no interest whatsoever in resolving this problem.

Their response to my latest refusal to pay is that they will now use legal measures to recoup the money.

Please, anybody, is there anyway out of this empass before it ends up in a court of law.



Thread: Telephone NOT Disconected

20 Aug 2009 11:14:

If you do not wish to deal with Vodaphone, Orange also do a wireless dongle, I don't know the exact details but I believe it works out cheaper than Vodaphone.

There are also at least 2 companies that do pay as you go Wi-Fi, Y-Internet and VIP Hotspot here on CDS. Check with them on coverage.

Thread: Pay as you go Broadband

20 Aug 2009 11:07:

As I live just up the road from one of the addresses mentioned above (Avenida Clemente Diaz, 8,  Fuengirola) I would like to inform you that this address is false.

Number 6 is a hospital which has recently closed.

Number 10 is a firm of lawyers.

The only buildings(locals) between these two have never been in use since the day the building was built which was many years ago. They are literally bricked up fronts to empty spaces.

Hope this saves someone a wasted stamp or journey.


12 Aug 2009 09:48:

Hi Jojan,

One thing the previous poster forgeot to mention.

If you are going to apply cola-plastica (basically PVC wood glue) directly to an existing wall mix it with water first, a very dilute solution works fine (1 part glue to 5 parts water). Also dont forget to scratch up the surface of the wall first to give better adherence for the tile glue.


If you are tiling on top of tile you need to cover the old ones  first with a special paint (sorry cannot remember the name but all big DIY places or building yards/tile shops will sell it). This is to give a rough surface for the new tile glue to adhere to. You can then use normal cemento-cola for the new tiles.


hope this helps

Thread: Doing it yourself

12 Aug 2009 09:24:

Hi Forhotspot,

Unfortunately, at the moment, Albox-online is my shortlist, there seems to be a distinct lack of choice when looking for an ISP in the region, as I am looking at country properties it narrows it down even more.

My current ISP (Tele2) does not cover the inland area but they may cover the coast.

You´ll have to follow my blog to see what happens (if and when i actually manage to buy a place) as I´m sure it´s something which I shall be writing about in detail.


Thread: Internet in Vera, Almeria


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