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Soy... un hombre

Vivo en... cardiff wales

Me gusta... mottor sport and fishing

Trabajo de... property maintenance

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04 Aug 2011 00:00:

hi im looking for car rally clubs in spain does anny now of anny if so please could you let me now thanks from lee




Thread: rally clups

17 May 2011 00:00:

ok i now i love spain and i love my home in wales but the past  few weeks has got my head spining ..since bin ladens death the muslims in cardiff and in grangetown have been allowed to close the streets of and pray for bin laden ..but when a labour party man whent to see them the attacked him and the police did nothing and muslims say they are not violent? and the coverment tells us to all be frends ok ..i dont think so

well for me to say this hurts briton is not briton anny more ..im back in spain soon and i dont think i will be coming back  to the uk

Thread: cant wait to leave uk for good

23 Jul 2010 19:08:

thanks meggie .i ment can i park my van on your drive . im a bit drunk sorry .i will need electric  a bathroom o and my food done for me

Thread: Squatter crisis

23 Jul 2010 14:41:

thanks meggie .ps meggie van i park my van on your drive ?

Thread: Squatter crisis

22 Jul 2010 09:40:

glad to hear that shes gone you can go back to normal now

Thread: Squatter crisis


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