I am considering purchasing a resale on Polaris CondadhoAlhama.

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13 Oct 2008 00:00 by onecall Star rating in Liverpool, and Jard.... 181 posts Send private message

Has anybody any experience of doing this ? Any advice ? How much of a gamble is this ? Is Polarisworld able to complete its resorts ?

Mark + Sandra

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13 Oct 2008 15:20 by georgia Star rating in Algorfa (As seen on .... 1839 posts Send private message

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Personally,if i was looking to buy a resale on Polaris i would look to one of the smaller more completed developments i.e HR or La Torre,in this climate nobody is safe and there have been some nasty rumours surrounding Polaris recently although none of them may be true.

www.orion-ire.com info@orion-ire.com still here after all these years!

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13 Oct 2008 15:36 by Ruthless Star rating in CROYDON. 151 posts Send private message

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Hi there Pardon me if I butt in cos I was just passing by.
I have bought on the condado de alhama and have had no problems yet,  we did it all by power of Attourney but bought it not resale but at off plan when it was a field.
It will take time for the rest of the construction to be completed but we are all on the off plan forum come in and have a chat, cos like all of you we are a friendly bunch.
We are going over for the 1st time to furnish it on the 26th. Regards Ruth peter & Krystal(11
)So good luck whaever you decide but you can get ones for 3o.ooo euros less than we paid.

Ruth,Peter&Krystal  Jardine 09

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13 Oct 2008 15:45 by onecall Star rating in Liverpool, and Jard.... 181 posts Send private message

Thanks very much for the encouragement. I take it that you feel that the resort will complete in the future. have you any idea what a 2 bed appt is going for at the moment ?

Mark + Sandra

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13 Oct 2008 16:57 by georgia Star rating in Algorfa (As seen on .... 1839 posts Send private message

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I wasn't by any means implying that there was a problemspecifically with Condado i was suggesting that if you had the choice why pick a development that will probbaly wait two years to be fully operational when you can buy on La torre which is open finished,playing golf etc......for the same price.
It eliminates any risk factor,what you see is what you get,where as Condado nobody knows when it will be finished....

www.orion-ire.com info@orion-ire.com still here after all these years!

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13 Oct 2008 18:22 by rowlandsbb Star rating in Gloucestershire &Hue.... 763 posts Send private message

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You are quite right Georgia

If you want a Polaris World right now then buy one of the good deals we have available on the established resorts, except if Condado de Alhama is the location you like best 

I  think that everyone expects Condado to be built and it will be very good 

But for instant.....like this winter use of a PW resort....we can get you in within say....well lets be reasonable 13th November...perhaps a touch tight but if you go over this weekend then end of November 






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15 Oct 2008 12:54 by andyinspain Star rating. 12 posts Send private message

hi..all finance is in place for condado de alhama to the tune of 249m euro with a consortium of banks. do not worry about them completing! they have already started to hand over! however - there are some good deals about on La Torre/Hacienda - which are also a lot closer to the airport/beaches. Any advice - let me know!

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19 Oct 2008 09:55 by michaelhardy Star rating in Bishop Auckland & Ja.... 597 posts Send private message

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We also bought off plan on Condado and completed in July.

As Ruth said there are some bargains out there at the moment in Condado - it's definately a buyers market.  Good Luck with your decision.

At the moment we have a supermarket and sports bar in the Jardines.  The golf course is currently being seeded and the foundations are down for the town centre.  Condado is going to be a big resort and will take many years to complete.

Come and join us in the off plan development forum - we're a good bunch and give lots of good advice.


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20 Oct 2008 21:24 by jo christopher Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

I'm told that by summer 2010 the resort will have a town center as well as golf.
In the meantime it's a bit quiet on Condado de Alhama with a very disappointing snack bar (plagued with flies) and overpriced alcohol.

If you're buying a property for personal use I believe you can't go wrong.

We bought in the Jardines and we are absolutely delighted with the property.  I believe that due to current economic circumstances the plans for the whole resort have been amended to reduce the number of town centers etc.  However, when it's finished it will be among the biggest golf resorts in Europe. 

All in all it's shaping up beautifully and we're really thrilled with our property.

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