Closing a bank account with Cajasur Bank

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17 Mar 2024 12:41 PM by holhome7980 Star rating. 30 posts Send private message

I wonder if any of the readers can help me. I have retired now and sold my holiday home in Spain. I haven't left the UK for two years and have no real desire to. We may go on foreign holidays again but I don't feel any immediate need to. When I sold my holiday home in Spain there was a small balance in my Cajasur bank account which I reduced to just a few cents by making an online transfer. I then wrote to Cajasur asking them to close the account as having sold the property, paid all taxes etc I no longer needed a Spanish bank account. They replied that we needed to attend in person to arrange this. I advised that we were now back in the UK, had no intention of going back to Spain and that surely they couldn't be insisting in this day and age that two pensioners (joint bank account) would need to undertake two international flights simply to close an account with about 30 cents in it.

This correspondence batted back and forth for about 6 months or more until eventually one member of staff said she would take this up with her superiors to try and get a decision. Again I heard nothing further until l sent her an email enquiring as to progress and she advised she no longer worked at my branch and someone from there would contact me in due course. I should add that I have put further funds into my Cajasur account as with the application of charges the account became overdue, possibly about 50 euros or so.

Things are still not resolved, the account is still open and when the next application of charges arrives it will go into the red again. I don't know how to resolve this. I'm only asking to close a current account. I've offered to return the bank card to them in the post and that I would cut it up in advance however the card has actually expired anyway. I don't know how to take this matter higher as I don't speak or write Spanish but I can't believe that in this day and age anyone would seriously expect two people to fly about 3500 miles or so (there and back) simply to give instructions face to face to close a bank account but that in essence is what the Cajasur staff are saying I need to do. Have they not heard of global warming and unnecessary flying taking place?

I know this might sound fantastical but this is really happening to me. How can I end this saga without going back to Andalucia. I don't have to go to my own branch but I must go to one of their branches and they are only in Andalucia.


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19 Mar 2024 3:46 AM by theodoreevans Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

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25 Mar 2024 6:21 PM by acer Star rating. 1529 posts Send private message

Holmome 7980 - as you say it's absurd that the bank wish you to travel all that way just to close the account (they maybe just quoting their rule book. 

Personally I reckon you've made your intentions clear, so I wouldn't bother.  The Spanish tend to be pragmatic folk so I doubt if they really expect you to do so either.

Perhaps a short email to them suggesting they just close the account and donate any surplus funds to a local charity?

Don't argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

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