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13 Nov 2023 4:42 PM by GuyT Star rating. 511 posts Send private message

Greetings, all. 

We had solar panels and batteries installed last year on our finca...everything works well. We understand we can feed electricity back into the grid and get a credit against energy used. The guys who installed the panels don't seem to know the way to go about it. Iberdrola supply the electricity...but we get billed by EnergyNordic...who tell us we need to ask Iberdrola.

Does anyone know how to get the ball rolling? Thank you.



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17 Nov 2023 7:24 AM by acer Star rating. 1528 posts Send private message

Hi, in the UK the only way is through the website of the provider.  The call centres don't  seem to have any info - well that was my experience.  Once you find the the right link you need to complete an application form and sign up to a deal.

Sorry I can't say much more my involvement was limited to as you say "getting the ball rolling" where Utility Warehouse were the provider.  They have an excellent website, but it seems to be almost like it's kept as a secret - perhaps it's the same in Spain with Ibedrola?

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18 Nov 2023 11:32 AM by rob_j1 Star rating. 99 posts Send private message

I received a letter from Endesa about this; apparently you need to contact them, and they have a department that can help, but as I understand it, you need to discuss it with them BEFORE you get it installed. Whoever is your supplier, will probably have a similar process, so I'd start with a phone call to them first.

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18 Nov 2023 2:26 PM by villamarre Star rating. 13 posts Send private message

Hi did you get all the permissions and licenses as I have applied for solar panels and grant and was refused small works license by council because house was legal but now has to haveAFO assimilado fuera de ordenacion,basically same services as people in the town,sewage contract,drinking water contract etc,long process but without all permits and licenses council will not give go ahead for grid connection,hope this helps 

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18 Nov 2023 8:55 PM by GuyT Star rating. 511 posts Send private message

Thanks everyone for contributions. I emailed Iberdrola last week...and to my surprise...they have been very prompt with answering...and telling me wehat to do...all in English.

"A document document is necessary to request the activation of the self-consumption modality. If your electrician is no longer available,the option would be for another installer to verify the installation and process the requested documentation. Any authorized installer in your area can arrange it for you."

With hindsight, our very charming...competent...installers were probably not "authorised" even though they supplied and fitted Victron and Pylontech equipment. When I've been chasing them they have obliquely replied that they will send someone around to sign off on the installation. All slowly makes sense. I suppose if they don't send someone around I'll have to eat some humble pie and ask another installer to come and authorise. One wouldn't have guessed any problems from our installers website... money lost...the system works great...could have been a lot worse...

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