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08 Feb 2022 8:24 AM by Ashers Star rating. 14 posts Send private message

Hi we're looking to spend Jan & Feb  in Moraira/Javia area every year to avoid the winter in the UK, plus we will come over for the odd week or weekend throughout the year, but for the 2 month stay will drive over and bring our 2 Vizsla dogs.

We are here now without the dogs and weather is around 15 degrees, warm in the sun but feels much cooler out of it.

Our plan is to rent next Jan & Feb with a view to buying if the wether over that 2 month period feels warm enough.

For those of you that live in this area it will be gret if i can just get a feel for whether the weather this year is typical of most years?

And any othe tips on renting vs buying much appreciated.



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08 Feb 2022 9:15 AM by windtalker Star rating. 1938 posts Send private message

I take it you are aware of the 90 / 180 rule's..if you are then you should seriously take this into consideration before buying..(.if you are British )  according to the various articles you read the British have stopped buying in Spain .                                    ( especially holiday homes ) this is noticeable with very few Brit's about .. as you look around  apparently this will not improve over time it will get worse in the coming years.   the British use to buy more properties in Spain than the Germans and the French put together the Germans are number 1 the French are number 2 and the British are number 3 this doesn't mean that number 1 & 2 are buying more than the British it's down to the fact the British buyers are down by 75% for the weather in January / February you will need the heating on in the evening and the day time temperature variations are quite dramatic from day to day going from 10 * 20+ on occasions..I have a villa on the mainland Costas as a holiday home  I would not buy again or move permanently to Spain due to the restrictions of the 90 / 180 rules for holiday home owners or as a permanent Tax resident due to the fact that the Spanish are demanding a income of Approximately  €34,000 per couple per year or €27,000 per year for a single person and a private health insurance policy... apparently the Spanish government are powerless to change these rules as they have been ordered by the so called EU to implement them ...what I can't understand is why is a so called EU citizen permitted to come to to UK for 180 continues or 180 days in any 365 day period without a Visas ..why haven't the EU Reciprocated with the UK as it is normal to do so.









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08 Feb 2022 8:14 PM by Ashers Star rating. 14 posts Send private message

Hi thanks for your thoughts, yes we are aware of the Schengen Rules, and whilst a pain, we've checked on the calculator and its ok for us as we will do 60 days in Jan & Feb and then the odd week or long weekend in April/May, probably let it out June/July/August and then another week in September etc and then repeat!

Do you know anything about the so called Golden Visa, if you buy for at least 500k then you can apply for a Golden Visa that allows you to come and go outside of the Schegen Rules?



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08 Feb 2022 10:04 PM by windtalker Star rating. 1938 posts Send private message

Yes I am fully aware of the so called Golden Visa when you purchase properties of over €500,00 thieVisa only last a limited time of approximately 2 years and then you have got to apply again you still need proof of income of Approximately €34,000 per couple or €27,000 per single person plus a comprehensive health insurance policy so the Spanish are still not giving anything away..I am not a expert by a long chalk but I really think the Spanish have shot themselves in the foot by implementing EU rules has finally come to light that when a country joins the so EU it also not only gives up control of its borders but also gives up its Sovereignty as well...I also hope that the rental thing works out for you ..but after being a holiday home owner for the past 17 year's in Spain ..I can tell you that the only people that it works for are people that live in Spain that source there own renters  clean and maintain the property themselves realistically you can only rent out for 10 week's of the year another thing you have got to take into consideration is that you will need a Toristca license / liability insurance and a Tax accountant to pay your rental Taxes ...the estate agents will also require a finder's fee for the renter's all I can say is don't rely on any rental income to pay your yearly bills .... As a Holiday home owner you are still liable for full 12 months IBI full Suma full Electric and Gas rental full community fee's and to top that lot off a yearly 20% none residents tax fee's it probably sounds like I am trying to put you of buying but I am not all I am trying to say is Spain is not Spain anymore .. it's the EU so think twice and part with your money once.... good luck 







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09 Feb 2022 8:57 AM by Ashers Star rating. 14 posts Send private message

Thanks for the info, its really useful.

With regards to the income situation, are you saying that regardless of the Schengen rules, that we will need to demonstrate that we have at least those incomes?

And is this the case regrdless of whether we rent it or not?



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09 Feb 2022 9:05 AM by windtalker Star rating. 1938 posts Send private message

If you are a British Passport holder ..You are free to purchase a property in Spain... if you intend to use it as a holiday home within the 90/180 rules  you don't need proof of only need proof of income if you intend living in Spain / the a full time resident.




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