High Water Bills in Javea Spain

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18 Jan 2022 11:30 AM by richardredmond Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

Dear all,

I have been reading on this forum that many of you can not believe the price of your water bills and in many cases you will be right to question this.

We purchased our villa back in 2015 and was not long before we had very high water bills, one year was over 2500 euross with consumption enough to fill 5 large swimming pools. We tried all the standard checks like toilet system not shutting down after each flush and looking around the land for wet patches. We spoke with a local plumber who said on on site he had found at least four villa's that had a second pipe that came off the main into the property which was feeding other villas in the area.

We decided to run a complete new water pipe from the meter above ground and into our property to ensure no one could connect off without us knowing. Once we did this, our water bill dropped by 50% that year and we also rent our villa in the summer.

For anyone who thinks their water bills are very high, please ask someone to check the system and if in doubt it works out cheaper in the long run to run new pipe.


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19 Jul 2022 6:30 PM by harley76 Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

That sound bad. Did you ever get a refund for the extra water bill? Good thing you looked to hire a reliable plumber first who found out the root cause. I hope you got your money back though, but who on earth built the pipework that way to begin with…

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