Eurona - how to end your contract? Help

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28 Dec 2021 12:49 PM by josheldon Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

Hi all

I have had a satellite system from Eurona for a couple of years but it has never worked.  I returned to my house in spain recently and it was still not working.  The local rep did not answer my calls and it turns out that I did not ever sign my contract with them.  Of course they were keen for me to do so before helping fix the problem and I refused and asked them to come and take their equipment away.  I stopped by direct debit but they are now blanking me.  I can't get in touch with anyone and have now been sent a letter from lawyers.  They've given me time to appeal but are also now not responding to emails.  Does anyone have any actual contact details for Eurona in Spain?  I need to get this sorted but I can't get hold of anyone or they simply don't reply.  Any thoughts really welcome.

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28 Dec 2021 1:47 PM by baz1946 Star rating. 2317 posts Send private message

Sounds like they will have a job to explain to the courts you broke a contract that you say you never had, which if you never had one you never signed it either. Ask the Lawyers to send you a copy of the contract that you never signed just in case the satellite company have forged your signature, but don't mention the fact that you never signed a contract, just to see what turns up.

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28 Dec 2021 3:44 PM by windtalker Star rating. 1902 posts Send private message

Simply send them a email asking them to sort your problem out ..if they don't respond .. keep a copy of all the emails that you have sent to them .. disconnect the sat system..and then do what everyone else is doing buy yourself a fire stick and watch TV via the internet if you are a holiday home owner like myself any subscription TV that you have in the UK.. like Netflix's work extremely well in Spain just unplug the stick and take it with you .. when you arrive all you do is connect to your Spanish internet and away you go..I scrapped my sat dish around 10 years back.





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03 Jan 2022 8:33 PM by baz1946 Star rating. 2317 posts Send private message

Does a person with only one post, and ask's the forum a question to help them out with a problem, ever read the replies? Because it seems that these one person questions never answer back, do they look again?..So I seem to notice.

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03 Jan 2022 9:42 PM by josheldon Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

Yes.  I do anyway

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