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27 Dec 2006 00:00 by EOS Team Star rating in In Spain of course!. 4017 posts Send private message

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To me it seems that very few people talk about Malaga.  I was there yesterday with friends and family and there's a real buzz about the place.  There have some impressive lights up for Christmas and the Three Kings (Los Reyes), good shops and great places to eat.

If you're anywhere near Malaga in the next couple of weeks then you really should check it out as they build up to their main celebration in January, "Los Reyes". But be warned...it gets very busy early evening and late at night as EVERYONE is out in center of the town just soaking up the atmosphere.



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30 Dec 2006 10:38 by linnie Star rating in London/Benalmadena P.... 69 posts Send private message

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Hi Justin

Totally agree with you about Malaga- I think it has been much maligned in the past with people only going through on the outskirts as there are admittedly industrial parts and some high rise.  But now the centre has been re-generated and there is alot to do- great restuarants,bars and clubs also pedestrianised shopping areas and of course El Corte Ingles.  There is a open-top bus which tours the main sites ( like in every other major city)which is a taster for further exploration. Brand new Renfe station has just opened ready for the high-speed trains,so easy to get to other parts of Spain and beyond,also new shops and cinema complex on the same site.

Lived there for 10 years,my children went to school there so were involved in Spanish life which is great especially Christmas,Easter and the famous August feria.Miss it like crazy so we are buying on the Costa again and hope to return on a semi-permanent basis.

Great job your've doing by the way, so much useful information.

Must start a club so we could all meet up at for a drink or three!!

Best regards

Linda xxxxx

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02 Jan 2007 11:25 by Andy irwin Star rating in England/Spain. 58 posts Send private message


I took the train from Fuengirola to Malaga on Wednesday 27th of December. The journey took about 35 minutes and cost 3.50 euros. There was a lot of building work in progress . We thought it was a nice place and spent more than we planned as the shops are very good and seem cheaper than in Benalmadina and Fuengirola, for example a pair of Levi's in the Levi shop in Fuengirola 125 euros and the same pair cost 85 euros from the Levi shop in Malaga.

It did seem to be priced more for the locals than the tourists so I think thats why we spent more we just couldnt resist a bargain lol.

There is a lot of stuff to see and well worth the trip. The street artists in silver make up are very good and there were five on one street. Also the old buildings and Roman theatre make it of historic interest. I would recommend the train as parking is almost impossible in Malaga we were told.



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02 Jan 2007 16:09 by EOS Team Star rating in In Spain of course!. 4017 posts Send private message

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Andy, parking in Malaga is definitely a problem.  We spent about an hour the first time we went trying to find somewhere to park.  We do know a very good car park which even on a Saturday is not too busy...but don't ask me to describe how to get to it!


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02 Jan 2007 18:28 by Smiley Star rating in San Pedro de Alcanta.... 2494 posts Send private message

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Park in El Corte Ingles - good landmark and everyone knows where it is. Think there are a couple of places where you can "park and ride" as well. Planning to go again this weekend will see if I can find out more.

One word of warning about Malaga and many other cities. The old 1 cent Saints Day con is being practised by the gypsies. They come along and try to sell you lucky heather or a carnation for 1 cent. You try to give them a Euro or 50c or something and they insist it must be a 1 cent coin. The idea is to get you to get your purse out and then try a snatch and grab when you open it. The sh1t hits the fan and compatriots gather round "helping" to pick up your purse and belongings etc.

They actually get quite insistent on you looking to see if you have a 1 cent coin and I know many people who have been caught this way just to get them off one's case. If in doubt "No lo tengo" easy to remember and no it isnt "naff off" it simply means "I dont have it!" If they dont shove off just say "Llamo (pronounced Yamo) policia" and that will normally work.



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