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17 Feb 2018 4:47 PM by DawnieDickson Star rating in Still in the U.K., f.... 3 posts Send private message

Hi everyone! I’m Dawn. I’m hoping to get moved to Spain in the next few months. Initially I’m coming to scope out the regions and have a well earned holiday touring and soaking up the sun before deciding where to settle down. Here in the U.K. I work in healthcare, at my local hospital. I specialise in dementia and palliative care. 

Ill to work when I come over permanently, not so much for the income, but because I LOVE my job caring for people and I need to be busy. I’m a very fit, active 52 year old non drinking and non smoking.

Do most ex pats move back to the U.K. when long term health issue arise? I’m putting the feelers out now offering my extensive knowledge and skills to ex pats wanting to stay in Spain that perhaps feel the only option is to return home to the U.K for health reasons. 

I did think about nursing in Spain, but I only speak Italian as a second language. As I’m semi retiring, I don’t want to commit to a work force employer, preferring to work privately where I can build up relationships with my clients, enabling me to provide the best tailor made care possible....and make friends along the way! 

Feel free to comment, offer advice or ask about my history. 

Im bringing my love to Spain! Can’t wait!!



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17 Feb 2018 8:53 PM by windtalker Star rating. 1883 posts Send private message

I think you will need more than love to find a job in Spain in your profession.... especially when you don't speak Spanish ...most expats that are in Spain are generally fit and healthy ..and what you will find is when they start suffering from serious ailments they sell up and go back to the UK but what do I know I have only had a place in Spain for eleven years ...I have seen many come and many go good luck anyway.


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17 Feb 2018 10:32 PM by DawnieDickson Star rating in Still in the U.K., f.... 3 posts Send private message

Hi windtalker.

I didn’t intend to come to Spain without learning the customs or language but that takes time. I lived and worked in Rome for 11 years and I didn’t speak a word when I first moved there. I was lucky to secure a job as a school nurse. The language  followed. 

I understand most of the ex pats would prefer to return to the U.K. when health becomes as issue, but I was only trying to establish if that was because they couldnt get the specialised care they need to allow them to stay in their chosen home in Spain for as long as possible. 

Am I to assume by your advice that ALL ex pats go home when their health fails? I get the fit and healthy comment. It’s one of the reasons I’m coming myself... but I won’t live forever in perfect health and will need care myself one day. Will I come back to the U.K. to be bundled into a care home... or will I look for a way to stay in the place I have come to call home? 

I prefer to work in the profession I love but there are other strings to my bow. I own my own successful retail business here in the U.K. and I have my class 2 drivers licence to name a few. I’m sure I can keep myself busy.

Thanks for taking the time to reply! Xx




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17 Feb 2018 11:00 PM by floella Star rating in SE Spain. 798 posts Send private message

There are British “ angels “ nursing groups in expat areas. Am sure I have noticed a group advertising in Mojacar. They have a central email address and contact numbers. 

Unlike windtalker most expats I know are constantly at the think your services might  be required.

Good luck.



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18 Feb 2018 12:41 AM by DawnieDickson Star rating in Still in the U.K., f.... 3 posts Send private message

Thanks Floella!

Age is something none of us as privy to avoiding, sadly. It must be heartbreaking to settle somewhere then feel pressured to move under trying circumstances. Also, lots of COUPLES retire to Spain and I had in my mind offering support and respite to the more active partner who is perhaps struggling alone. Yes, I suppose nearly all ex pats ARE fit and healthy when they move, as windtalker said, but I suspect not all plan for unexpected ill health or contemplate the fact old age with it’s consequences come to us all. 

I did consider nursing, care homes etc but and I will research your suggestion just to keep my options open. Thank you for the tip.

Im a care giver by nature. Highly experienced, with my time free and I’m flexible. I’m sure someone will accept me bringing the love to Spain!! Xx


This message was last edited by DawnieDickson on 18/02/2018.

This message was last edited by DawnieDickson on 18/02/2018.


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