How are bridge Clubs taxed in Spain

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24 Aug 2017 9:23 PM by buttons Star rating in Nerja. 13 posts Send private message

We have recently started a bridge club ; I understand there have been changes concerning how clubs are taxed. We collect a membership and charge table money....those two payments account for out income. Do any forum members know what taxes, if any, we will have to pay? I 

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25 Aug 2017 11:53 AM by Jimbofinn Star rating in Chiclana De La Front.... 215 posts Send private message

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Suggest you seek advice from a gestor, or you'll likely end up going round in circles from the many different pieces of advice you receive here - however well intentioned they may be.


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29 Aug 2017 6:13 PM by acer Star rating. 1489 posts Send private message


Good luck with your new bridge club!  

I hesitate to respond and incur the ridicule of Jimbofinn, but I would mention that I belong to several clubs in both Spain and the UK and the question of tax has never been raised or featured in the accounts.  To be honest I've never actually thought of it.  If I had I would probably have assumed that it would fall within the exempt  non profit making rules in the UK.  In Spain...who knows...

But it is a valid query and I'm not sure that a conversation with a gestor is necessarily the answer either.  If the Spanish taxman knocks on your door some time in the future the fact you had a conversation with a gestor now will be of modest value.  The Spanish seem to like imposing harsh fines for illogical and technical breaches of their tax rules, so I reckon you're right to seek clarification.

If you speak to a gestor you need to ensure that the advice is in writing, but better the Hacienda will confirm the position and I would take the individual's details and confirm their comments back to them in writing.  But I'll raise the query with one of the Treasurers I know in Spain and let you know if he has received any clarification on the point.  

Don't argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

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04 Sep 2017 3:08 PM by acer Star rating. 1489 posts Send private message


The attitude of both clubs where I play in Spain is that they reckon it's not worth the bother.  Apparently few years ago one of the clubs asked one of their Spanish members with a financial background for their input and received the same response.

Probably not a great deal of use to you, but if you decide to do nothing at least you know you're not alone.

Don't argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

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