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04 Sep 2016 17:11 by sarah123 Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

Hi all,

Just looking for advice. My in laws have an apartment in Los Boliches and I visited there for the first time a few weeks ago. Absolutely loved it. I want to return for new years eve. Ideally looking to travel out boxing day. Can anyone advise restaurants that will be open or where we should celebrate new year eve? Many thanks




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04 Sep 2016 17:50 by windtalker Star rating. 1670 posts Send private message

By the end of October the majority of Spanish holiday destinations shut down especially the British tourist type ,New years eve in Spain is not worth the air fair ,directly after the new years party that you will have to book in advance and pay through the nose to go to is over ,everything shuts down so keep your money and come to Spain in the summer time .

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05 Sep 2016 00:01 by bobaol Star rating. 2257 posts Send private message

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What a load of cobblers from windtalker. Not everywhere is like Camposol, you know. Yes, a lot of places become less crowded in the Winter but Los Boliches is near Fuengirola (which you have no knowledge about) and is an all year round town. Plenty of places will be open, loads of stuff going on. The weather may not be down to the beach and so on but it'll be far nicer than UK. Around us we have parties on the beach, the Spanish eat late on New Years Eve and stroll along the marinas and beach fronts on New Years Day.

Don't listen to windtalker who shouldn't be allowed outside Brighton at any time of the year. He compares everywhere with the dead and alive hole he has bought in and is a very bitter and twisted person. 

Wait until you get some real and helpful replies from people who actually live or holiday around that area. I visited Fuengirola around that time (although some years ago) and there was tons going on. Even if you want to go farther afield there is a fabulous local train service that takes you along to Torremolinos and Malaga which is a lively, all year round city and nothing like the desert that is inland Murcia.

You go for it.



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05 Sep 2016 08:11 by windtalker Star rating. 1670 posts Send private message

Bobaball you don't know me at all so how can you assume I know nothing about this area ,l spent a week in the hotel Ronda in feungarola (took in new years eve) two years back and l must say the way explained to the poster is the same as l would have ,after the new years party that you go to is over (small bunch of grapes) all that is left for you to do is walk aimlessly up and down the promenade passed bars and restaurants that have closed down due to lack of trade in the winter time ,or you could do what we did to get over the boredom and catch a bus to Gibraltar for the day ,as l said Spain is the same all over even Camposol that is normally jumping ( that Bobaball knows nothing about ) is completely dead the whole month of January if you are young save your money for the summer season and enjoy Spain.

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This message was last edited by windtalker on 05/09/2016.

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05 Sep 2016 15:00 by sarah123 Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

Thanks for the replies. Didn't want to cause a debate 😁. I realise that lots of places will be closed but to be honest we don't mind. We just want to get away from the auk for new years and do something different. Anything has to be better than either paying through the nose to go out here or watching the drivel on tv over a bottle of wine! All we are looking for is somewhere to go and enjoy a nice meal and a few drinks. Will all the restaurants be closed? If not can anyone recommend a nice place to go?


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11 Oct 2016 22:41 by Tiggytiger Star rating in Los Boliches / Torro.... 47 posts Send private message

Hi Sarah123

Wow why can't people just reply and play nice without having a go at one another.   I have been back and too to Los Boliches 2/3's a year for the last 20 years.  Most places along the Pasemo (Prom) do close in late Nov to around Feb depending on the individual restaurants, so I can't see much being open, although I was talking to the owner of the Madrid Playa Restaurant (Right on the beach in front of Ronda 3) is closed now until Dec so they will be open and it's a lovely place the best I have found on the beach.... 

As I am sure you know Los Boliches is a very Spanish little village so once away from the Playa you will find the place will be more alive the Chinese in Plaza San Rafieal is very nice and very reasonable,  Restaurant Bahia opposite is also very nice but not sure if that will be open but I am sure you could check they are on the web.

Fuengirola is a busy town/city and doesn't really close down out of season again away from the Playa, also as previously mentioned the train is great Los Bolishes to Malaba takes about 35 mins and approx €6 and they are very frequent.

I hope at least some of the above helps, I have been over both in season and out of season and I found it great to see both sides, Spain and Los Boliches isn't just a summer destination, go for it can't be any worse than being stuck in the UK on New Years Eve... I'm actually going to Torrox/Nerja for New Year myself this year :-) 

Take Care Tiggy.... 

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12 Oct 2016 13:48 by Tiggytiger Star rating in Los Boliches / Torro.... 47 posts Send private message

Dear All 

I don't know how to but I would like to retract my below message, as although I thought I was offering my opinion and help in a open forum, but having received private messages having a go at me I feel that I don't wish to be involved with this form anylonger.    I was simply trying to help but by apparently stating Fuengirola was a Town/City as I wasn't sure of its official status and didn't wish to upset anyone, I have failed havent I johnzx.

No wonder people don't feel they wish to be more helpful in todays society as there is always someone with too much time on their hands, with apparently more knowledge that you who wants to drag you down.

Take it away Johnzx you apparently know everything about everything, I bow out... 

Sarah123 I hope you have a fabulous new year whereever you end up.

Take Care 




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12 Oct 2016 16:42 by Destry Star rating in MYOB . 289 posts Send private message


I can't say that I blame you, sadly there are some very strange folk on this forum, but just remember that they wake up each morning having to put up with being them, whilst you are you.



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12 Oct 2016 18:30 by sarah123 Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

For the record all of your posts have been helpful. Not everyone is always going to agree but that's life no need to take it personally. I appreciate all of you taking the time to reply. We will definitely be flying over for New Year. To be honest I'm not fussed if hardly anything is open. Id rather be in a beautiful place with lovely people than stuck in the UK. Even that is worth the air fare. Thanks again for your kind comments. X


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12 Oct 2016 19:31 by sarah123 Star rating. 4 posts Send private message

oh and to add...any of you that have sent Tiggy horrible pm's shame on you. This is an open forum and I was asking for opinions. You may not agree but there is no need to direct any sort of anger or horrible words to a fellow poster. If this is your behaviour on a forum I dread to think what your Spanish neighbours of you. I'm thirty years of age by the way and I am guessing the majority on here are ex pats so you should know better. How about be nice and if you cant do that keep your comments to yourself

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13 Oct 2016 08:58 by Tadd1966 Star rating in Los Montesinos. 1755 posts Send private message

well said Sarah123

** EDITED - inciting **

Yes many places are quiet over the new year period but don't forget the Spanish (like many other nations)  celebrate New Year and there is a lot going on


Tiggy - don't give up please send a copy of the pm's to the mods so they are aware they wil take action



This message was last edited by eos_moderators on 13/10/2016 17:29:00.

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge”

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13 Oct 2016 15:23 by Tiggytiger Star rating in Los Boliches / Torro.... 47 posts Send private message

Many thanks everyone for rebuilding my faith in the kindness and understanding of strangers, I think I was just a little shocked that my post had caused someone enough distress to feel the need to send me PMs to correct me on my knowlege of the official City/Town/Village statuses of places in Spain.  When I was only trying to be helpful.

Anyway its so kind of you all to jump to my defence it is much appreciated and although a little premature I wish you all a wonderful New Year where ever you choose to spend it.  :-) 

Take Care Tiggy xx 

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