Reporting crimes anonymously in Spain

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27 Oct 2015 4:46 PM by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5246 posts Send private message

 I tried this morning to supply details of some crimes to the police.    I was that told in confidence reports can be made online at this address.     I have not used this MO myself so cannot say what the precise process is.

Mediante esta página, usted puede ponerse en contacto con Unidades especializadas del Cuerpo Nacional de Policía para:

• Comunicar hechos o situaciones que pudieran dar inicio a investigaciones sobre hechos presuntamente delictivos.

• Dirigir consultas a las referidas Unidades especializadas.

Cualquier comunicación realizada a través de éste medio, será tratada con todas las garantías de CONFIDENCIALIDAD por el Cuerpo Nacional de Policía La colaboración NO supone la presentación de una denuncia formal. Para ello se deben de cumplir una serie de requisitos, entre los que se encuentra la ratificación mediante la firma presencial. Si desea realizar una denuncia formal, debe hacerlo a través del epígrafe "Denuncias de hechos delictivos", pudiendo presentar la denuncia por Internet, por teléfono o "in situ" (de forma presencial), en función de la naturaleza del hecho sufrido. Puede poner en conocimiento del Cuerpo Nacional de Policía actividades presuntamente delictivas o dirigir una consulta sobre: Esta es una lista:-



English (more or less translation by Google)

Through this page, you can contact specialized units of the National Police for:

• Communicate facts or situations that may initiate investigations on alleged crimes.

• Conduct consultations referred to specialized units.

Any communication made through this medium will be treated with all the guarantees of confidentiality by the National Police The cooperation does not involve the filing of a formal complaint.

For this purpose must meet certain requirements, including ratification by 'the face is firm'  (I think this means you still must still sign a report but it will be in confidence). If you want to make a formal complaint, it must do so through the heading "Allegations of criminal acts", may file a complaint online, by telephone or "in situ" (in person), depending on the nature of the offense suffered. You may give notice to the National Police allegedly criminal activities or direct a question about: This is a list: -el ría)


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27 Oct 2015 6:40 PM by andyintorre Star rating in Costa Blanca. 104 posts Send private message

Is this a translation, you are always saying you work for the National Police as a translator, so why post a very bad translation from Google?


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28 Oct 2015 8:34 AM by johnzx Star rating in Spain. 5246 posts Send private message

Andy:   "you are always saying you work for the National Police as a translator,"

I have asked the moderator to comment of this as he has all the info to do so.


I started the thread for the benefit of those who would like to contact the authorities about ‘irregularities’.   I believe would need to be done in Spanish.  I posted a quick machine translation so that those who do not understand the official national language would not come back and asked basic questions.    

If anyone feels the need to inform those who have not made the effort to learn Spanish and thus probably will not be able to take advantage of the service offered anyway,   please feel free to post a more accurate account if you have the spare time to do so.  I am too busy.

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28 Oct 2015 9:00 AM by andyintorre Star rating in Costa Blanca. 104 posts Send private message

Maybe it would be much more helpful to those people who don't understand Spanish to post clear translations.

I can't see any point in posting such poor translations just because the poster is "busy".

Would be much better to wait until they have time to post clear and therefore more helpful information, this would reduce questions and therefore take up less time in the future, thereby giving the original poster more time to supply even more helpful information.


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28 Oct 2015 9:42 AM by eos_moderators Star rating in España. 169 posts Send private message

eos_moderators´s avatar

In all respect, John's translation 'on the fly' is understandable and if anyone was to have any further questions we are sure John would respond immediatley.

In John's defense, he is often accused of not being who he says he is, ie a collaborator for the National Police and assiting ex-pats in need in his local area.  We at EOS are very careful with these types of declarations as we do not want people being misled and John, on immediate request, supplied more than enough 'up to date' official evidence to satisfy us that he does what he says he does  in terms of police collaboration and assistance under voluntary conditions. So please by all means discuss matters and politely argue issues, but please do not question Johns collaborative efforts with the community, which he has been doing for years. 

Eos Team

EOS Moderators
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28 Oct 2015 9:50 AM by andyintorre Star rating in Costa Blanca. 104 posts Send private message

Don't doubt he does the translation work he claims, that is not my point.

My point was, if he spends his time as a translator for the National Police surely he will understand the importance of translating documents or information correctly, in the first place, without having to keep going back and explaining what he actually is trying to get accross.

Time taken in the first instance to ensure a job well done will save more time in the long run!

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28 Oct 2015 11:29 AM by andyintorre Star rating in Costa Blanca. 104 posts Send private message

Message received from Johnzx, can't understand why he feels the need to send such to me other than in the forum for everyone to read!!

** EDITED - Against forum rules **


This message was last edited by eos_moderators on 10/28/2015 12:07:00 PM.

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28 Oct 2015 11:35 AM by andyintorre Star rating in Costa Blanca. 104 posts Send private message

Just to make the point clear, at no time did I imply you do not translate for the National Police, by the way whilst I think its very good of you to offer to help people in your own time, its not something that impresses me in the slightest. The point I was making, which you have missed completly and want to tell teacher about.... Is as someone who gives their time to help others, it would be more helpful to post when you have the time to post correctly. I would further of thought that professional pride would want you to be accurate and clear in any information you are posting for the benefit of others. The rambling message you sent to me outside the forum gives me the impression you have the desire to be right and anyone who dares to think otherwise should be made to stand in the corner!

Much more respect would be gained by simply accepting, "No-one is perfect"

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This thread is currently locked.

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