What would you sacrifice to speak Spanish like a native?!!

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14 Oct 2014 8:05 AM by mac75 Star rating in Valencia. 412 posts Send private message

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Nearly half of all residents in Valencia and Castilla y León would happily go without sex for a year in exchange for being fluent in English, a survey by Cambridge University Press has found. And two-thirds of residents in La Rioja would rather be able to speak English well than be able to make themselves invisible at will.


If a 'magic pill' were available for a cost of 10,000 euros which, after taking it, the person would be able to speak English like a native, seven in 10 residents in Extremadura and half of all those in the Canary Islands would save up the money.


The surreal opinion poll found that the ability to speak English is considered to be one of the most important and longed-for skills among Spaniards, and most would sacrifice a great deal to be able to do so.


This is less the case in Galicia, Madrid, Cantabria and the Canary Islands, where the majority of residents would choose the power to make themselves invisible over being able to speak English fluently, and only a third of Galicia's population would be prepared to give up sex for a year if it meant they had a native level of the language.


What would you sacrifice to speak Spanish like a native?!!


A donde el corazón se inclina, el pie camina.

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14 Oct 2014 8:31 AM by steone Star rating in Santiago de la Riber.... 386 posts Send private message


To be able to speak Spanish like a native I would willingly sacrifice my ex-wife. I would also help with collecting the wood for the bonfire underneath her so the sacrificial fire would be more than sufficient for the job.

I understand that the majority of Spaniards are more than willing to give up sex with their wives for a year to be able to speak English. However when the same men were asked if they would give up sex with a different woman (other than their wife) the answer was very different. The results were between 5% and 10%

Ok stop laughing now and get back to serious comments


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14 Oct 2014 5:39 PM by CityStall Star rating. 12 posts Send private message

Beyond a certain age (maybe 12 or 13?) you are never going to be able to speak like a native..

Gaining fluency is another matter, and requires effort and dedication. I think the gift I'd like is the ability to understand conversation between 2 or more native speakers. It's too easy to lose track (to be honest I do that in English too, getting on a bit now)

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15 Oct 2014 8:16 AM by Fartharder Star rating in Loriguilla.. 172 posts Send private message

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This has been the biggest problem for me in Spain. I can have a one-on-one conversation with anybody about anything, but if there's a group of people I get lost almost immediately. The Spanish always talk over one another and I can never manage to tune my ears into what one person is saying and everything just becomes noise. And noise that just gets louder and louder.

Although I would like the gift of being able to understand Spanish like a native, I'd still choose invisibility over any language as that would enable me to retire and travel the world for free.

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25 Oct 2014 9:33 PM by Susanspain Star rating in Mijas, Malaga. 145 posts Send private message

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I don't know that I would WANT to speak like a native. I live in rural Andalucia and it is hard enough understanding 'normal' Spanish, so what use would Andalucian be?

Also I have little interest in talking about pigs, dogs and local events.

It would be as useless as a chocolate T pot anywhere outside of my village ;) 

I like the idea of free travel and seeing the world through a unique view as no one would be judging or staring at me. And I am sure language would be no barrier :) (as long as I could carry an invisible translator book/app with me too :) 

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29 Oct 2014 2:19 PM by Speekee Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

¡Hombre, no hay que sacrificar nada!

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29 Oct 2014 5:12 PM by casperruby Star rating. 165 posts Send private message

My mother in law! !

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