shipping wine back to Sydney

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12 Oct 2014 02:17 by jloyzaga Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

gioing to be in spain for 3 weeks in January 2015. Rioja, Navarra, and then JEREZ!!

So we will be wanting to ship Sherry and reds to Sydney and am wondering if the Bodegas ship for us or we have to do it another way?


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13 Oct 2014 10:58 by eos_ian Star rating in Valencia. 498 posts Send private message

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Most reasonably sized vinyards will ship directly for you as long as the order is reasonable. If it is just a few cases for personal use you might have more trouble, you may need to use an international courier for that such as Fed Ex, they do a wine sending service. But if it is a commercial order (palets) you should be ok.



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13 Oct 2014 17:31 by GuyT Star rating. 499 posts Send private message

Even if the bodegas are uninterested (or more likely don't know the procedure to ship internationally) there is no reason why you can't get yourself a Spanish freight forwarder and either have the bodega deliver the wine to him or have the freight forwarder collect the wine from the vineyard. You might find it best to concentrate on Rioja and get a freight forwarder in Haro. Then it would be easy to consolidate your wine (assuming you are talking about at least a pallet in total) as it's a small town with many of the best bodegas. I would think it would be uneconomical to try and consolidate shipments from Jerez and Navarra, unless you're talking about putting together a container.

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14 Oct 2014 08:07 by Tadd1966 Star rating in Los Montesinos. 1755 posts Send private message

You wil need to consider import and export duties but a good freight company should be able to advise

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge”

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16 Oct 2014 13:27 by hughjardon Star rating in Jaywick Sands. 419 posts Send private message

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Found this in 3 seconds why do people ask stupid BLOODY random questions ask GOOGLE for gods sake

You have imported goods including alcohol and tobacco products into Australia if: • you purchase, order or otherwise arrange for goods to be brought (or sent) to Australia from overseas or • someone sends goods to you from overseas (even if the goods were sent unsolicited). Imported goods may arrive in Australia by air or sea cargo or by international mail (post). Regardless of the value of imported alcohol and tobacco products, you will be liable for duty, Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Wine Equalisation Tax (WET) if applicable. CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION CLEARANCE The customs value of the alcohol and tobacco products you import and the method of arrival to Australia determine how the goods are cleared for delivery to you. IMPORTED GOODS VALUED AT OR BELOW A$1000 Post Goods, including alcohol and/or tobacco products valued at or below A$1000 that arrive by post do not require a self-assessed clearance (SAC) declaration. Customs and Border Protection will send you an assessment notice and payment instructions for alcohol and tobacco products that are imported by post. After your payment is received, Customs and Border Protection will notify Australia Post that your goods are cleared for delivery. Australia Post will then deliver your goods to your address. Further information on goods that are imported by post is available from Air/sea cargo Imported alcohol and/or tobacco products with a value at or below A$1000 that arrive by air or sea cargo will require a SAC declaration to be lodged. Duty and GST are payable on these goods. For more information, see the fact sheet, Self-assessed Clearance (SAC) Declarations on the Customs and Border Protection website at IMPORTED GOODS WITH A VALUE ABOVE A$1000 Air/sea cargo or post If imported alcohol and/or tobacco products in a consignment valued above A$1000 arrive by air or sea cargo or by post, in most cases, you will be required to make an import declaration. For more information see the fact sheet Import Declarations on the Customs and Border Protection website at

Why you would want to import Spanish wine when the OZZIE stuff is perfectly good I will never know

PS does anyone know how big the universe is enlightened

This message was last edited by hughjardon on 16/10/2014.

This message was last edited by hughjardon on 16/10/2014.

Done the Spain thing Happier in the UK

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16 Oct 2014 14:43 by GuyT Star rating. 499 posts Send private message

I'm not sure whose question you're answering, hugh, but the op's question was:

"and (I) am wondering if the Bodegas ship for us or we have to do it another way?"

.........which your diatribe doesn't seem to address.






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16 Oct 2014 22:36 by jloyzaga Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

just a little reply to hugh,


I have been drinking australian wine for many years and WE make the best merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon wines in the world and being an aspiring Somelier I have found that with the diversity of our food these days and the greater popularity of mediterranean diets and food preference, I have seen an increase in the other varietals here in Australia. The Spanish Wine movement here is getting stronger and many local vineyards are trying to makew grenache (granacha) and tempranillo wines to try and cash in on this. They are doing this but are not quite getting it right. I'm sure the part of the problem is the terra noir that cannot be avoided. For example the South Australian winemaker Cascabel does the Tempranillo exactly the way that most Spanish Tempranillos taste but this is the exception and not the rule. I'm looking to get a selection of granacha and Tempranillo to take back with me so as to introduce the "Real" tempranillo and granacha based wines. Perhaps make some sort of portal for the traditional winemakers and perhaps the more modern, worldly ones. Its a goal of mine to broaden out appreciation of "other" wines and hopefully introduce something of my heritage to my children who are now discovering wine for enjoyment. Hence the need to find a way to send back cartons of wine coming from different regions

Jose Maria Loyzaga


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