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10 Jan 2018 20:20:

I'm not in your area so I can't recommend a good local shop but I would advise against buying from Decathlon as their bikes are'nt worth the money. Also, it's a good time to buy a bike as many shops have 2017 models going at a good price right now, I saved nearly 400 euros on my new bike last month as it was the 2017 model.

Thread: Buying a new bike

05 Oct 2017 20:41:

Lucky you.

I spent a week in O Grove in June and fell in love with the place. Didn't get to Vigo but that whole Rias Bajas area is spectacular, and the people there are so nice.

Thread: Hi all

31 Jan 2017 19:14:

If you have any doubts about driving or the driving laws here in Spain, the Guardia Civil traffic dept in Torrevieja have a Facebook page called N332 dedicated to helping foreigners understand traffic laws here. You can message them about anything you're unsure of or just check their previous posts. There's plenty on there about cycling do's and don'ts. 

Thread: Cyclists and Cycle Paths

30 Jan 2017 05:54:

I can't speak for Peter but I can easily tell a hunting dog apart, or in most cases, an ex hunting dog as these are the ones that get abandoned once they are too old to hunt or get injured. Many get lost on a hunt and the owner doesn't bother looking for them. These dogs are unchipped and don't have I'D. 

AlsoAlso, they tend to be a particular breed. 

Thread: First post. I am a cyclist and would like to know what the law for dog attacks

29 Jan 2017 19:06:


I know where this going to end up so let's keep it on thread.

Confronting a dog owner who's happy to let their dog roam the streets might not get you very far. Reporting an attack to the local police would be a better option if you think you know where the dog lives. There are so many abandoned dogs in Spain but theses dogs are never in the mood to chase or try to attack you so if you're getting chased off a dog it probably lives nearby.

Thread: First post. I am a cyclist and would like to know what the law for dog attacks


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