Taking Cat inside plane, to UK from Spain

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16 Jul 2014 13:00 by Susanspain Star rating in Mijas, Malaga. 145 posts Send private message

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Has anyone ever taken their cat (or small dog) directly to the UK from Malaga/Spain as hand baggage?

I have looked up that KLM and Lufthansa are 2 possible options, but wanted to save myself some time on phone calls if it is only hold they do.

Or is it is still not allowed direct into UK?

(I know my friend takes her small dog to Germany inside the plane, but the UK is different of course!) We want to do this rather than put him in the animal section in the hold. Ta..


NB I am talking about taking cat actually into passenger cabin area, not the hold! 

(Apparently you just need to buy the special cabin bag approved by airlines and phone in advance to reserve the limited no of places they offer. I have been told it is only about Eu20 as the pet sits under your legs on the floor.) 

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11 Sep 2014 14:45 by rolley Star rating in Torrevieja . 40 posts Send private message

Air Berlin lets you take cat dogs inside the cabin as long as they are 5 kg or less may have to take a two stop trip but it's only € 40 per flight.


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11 Sep 2014 18:17 by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

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To the best of my knowledge NO UK airline offers accompanied, in cabin, transportation for animals, no matter how small. Only for service dogs and they need special handling.

All animals entering the UK must be handled by airline appointed freight forwarding companies and the costs are horrendous. For a 4.5Kgm Chihuahua, both BA and Monarch quoted me fees in excess of 750quid each way. You are also limited into which UK airport you can fly. for internal UK flights is not quite so bad but for International and European flights you are limited to Gatwick Heathrow, Manchester and Glasgow. Animals have to be collected from the Animal Reception Centres at each of these airports and the waiting time can be in excess of 3 hours from the time of touchdown. All animals must be in possession of a current Pet Passport, with current Rabies shots and worming treatment carried out not less than 24hrs and not more than 120hours before the planned arrival time in the UK.

Spècialist Animal Transportation companies operate from the CDS and CB to the UK utilising land transport. Journey time is normally between 48 hrs and 72 hours door to door. Expect to pay around 300 quid per animal. do your homework with these companies beforehand however; there are a lot of cowboys out there.





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11 Sep 2014 20:25 by GuyT Star rating. 494 posts Send private message

I remember around 20 years ago flying into and out of Germany....so many passengers carried like little golf bags over their shoulders with a dogs head poking out. They would then plonk them on the floor in front of them and pat their heads, etc as the plane took off.  It seemed a nice, stress free way to transport a dog. I appreciate that with rabies control you couldn't come into UK with a dog in your hand luggage but I don't see why you couldn't do it this way going out. I have also seen dogs carried this way on aircraft in the USA.

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11 Sep 2014 20:50 by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

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I'm sure its because there is money to be made...  in the US you can transport a dog from LA To by air for as little as 100USD. Over here a 16 stone lardy arse human can fly from Malage to Gatwick for around 40 quid, but it wii cost 750 quid for a seved pund chihuahua... Small dogs and cats are welcome to fly in the cabin throughout mainland Europe at very reasonable rates. but NOT to the UK or Ireland...Pathetic...




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12 Sep 2014 07:47 by dringman Star rating in www.Condadoexcursion.... 773 posts Send private message

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  www.condadoexcursions.com   Airport Transfers Day Trips Alhama de Murcia Taxi No 10  
tel +441212881323   +34 622714979

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12 Sep 2014 08:25 by foxbat Star rating in Granada. 1114 posts Send private message

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dringman... I'm not suggestting for one moment that dogs cannot be brought to and from the UK by air... only that it has to be in the hold and special rules apply which are set by DEFRA, IATA, and the airlines. As I said the UK rules are restrictive in respect of ports of entry and the associated costs very high. Perhaps you could ask your clients who they fly with, who they use as freight forwarding agents and typical costs? Perhaps they travel together in one large crate?

I'm sure there are many folks who would love to do the same but are put of by the burocracy and costs involved...





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