Are Barclays bank in Spain in the real world?

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05 Oct 2013 09:42 by grenouille1946 Star rating. 15 posts Send private message

In need of transferring money from Spain to UK we used Barclays and having experience of other banking charges for the same service, we never gave a thought to the matter. The "Normal" charge is 35 euro's for an electronic transfer but when we checked our account after the transfer we found that the charge was 10x that amount !!!!! The matter has been taken up with the FSA and the head of Barclays (UK / Spain) and am hoping that the matter can be resolved amicably. Has anyone else been ripped off by these mercenaries  ???? 

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05 Oct 2013 12:27 by mike_walsh Star rating in Torrevieja. 594 posts Send private message

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We needed to transfer a modest €400 to a non-EU country so approached our bank, Lloyds International. The fee was an eye-watering €45. On the advice of a non-EU national who regularly transferred money home we went to a Monty Global Payments in Torrevieja. There’s similar everywhere where the transfer cost just €16.

I am reminded of something that Iceland’s President said: “Iceland’s government bailed out the people and imprisoned the banksters; the opposite of what the Americans and the rest of Europe did.”


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05 Oct 2013 13:00 by grenouille1946 Star rating. 15 posts Send private message

Wow !! That was over 10% of the amount transferred. It is no wonder Spain is in such financial pooh, they really have no idea of how to treat the people that are "backing" their economy. Car dealers etc have learnt that by making a small profit on selling cars and selling more, is better than selling cars at a high profit and selling none!

Bit disgusted with Barclays Bank, but hey they will not get anymore business from me - which is a shame really as the staff are really nice, but as we know it is the "fat cats" who get the cream !! 

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05 Oct 2013 13:04 by scubamike Star rating in Murcia province . 221 posts Send private message

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The cheapest transfer charge is not always the cheapest overall depending on the amount you wish to transfer. The exchange rate on some of the "cheaper" companies/banks is not always the best

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05 Oct 2013 13:15 by grenouille1946 Star rating. 15 posts Send private message

I transferred 50k from a uk bank cost .........................35 euro's !  50k from spain cost ........................... 350 euro's :-( does not make sense and I thought Dick turpin was dead !! :o)

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05 Oct 2013 14:47 by jamesensor Star rating. 15 posts Send private message

Since Barclays came to be managed by an American stock trader, now fired, it has operated as a casino bank. The original founders, Norfolk methodists, must be turning in their graves. Their charges for almost everything are far higher than most people would consider reasonable and the bank relies on its reputation that was earned long ago. They are in the real world, but it is the world of casino gaming.

My own problem with them was in Gibraltar where a cash machine, which looked like theirs but actually belonged to Raphael`s bank, debited my account for 800 euros but failed to disgorge any money.  Barclays in Gibraltar and in the Algarve tried to assist because I had used a Barclays debit card, Raphael told me that they had found my money at the end of day audit but could not return it unless Barclays asked for it. This they were too lazy and incompetent to do.

I finally got refunded when I went to the British Press with the story. I would suggest that you do the same.




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05 Oct 2013 17:31 by elaineG Star rating in Spain . 409 posts Send private message

grenouille1946    I transferred 50k from a uk bank cost .........................35 euro's !  50k from Spain cost ........................... 350 euro's :


Sorry to disillusion you but there is no such thing as a set rate for transfers, just like there is  no fixed price for a beer,  a coffee or almost anything.   When you are choosing a bank, just like any other service, you need to ask what they provide and what the charges are.


It used to be common practice in Spain for banks to charge 0.5% on the total amount for transfers, with no maximum charge,  even between banks in Spain.

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05 Oct 2013 17:40 by grenouille1946 Star rating. 15 posts Send private message

Hear what you are saying but I do not normally transfer beer or coffee LOL. Barclays have a code of conduct and are accountable to the FSA so this case is slightly different n'est pas? Yes really glad we have sold:-)

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05 Oct 2013 19:12 by elaineG Star rating in Spain . 409 posts Send private message

I speak from exerience with two banks in Spain which charged the rates which I showed.


Isn't FSA a UK based 'control' not Spanish

I searched and found:-      'The FSA has now become two separate regulatory authorities and this site is no longer updated.?

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05 Oct 2013 19:12 by jamesensor Star rating. 15 posts Send private message

You will I fear find the FSA, which has in any case been carved up, of little help. Barclays responds to the Press, only. Or try Mr Richard Lambert, former editor of the FT, whio is now supposed to be a troubleshooter for all banks.


He has just set up in London and is probably as keen as mustard to achieve, something.

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05 Oct 2013 22:57 by lmjohn Star rating in S Wales & Piedra Ama.... 14 posts Send private message

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Do not use a bank to transfer money abroad. Try a company such as the many with adverts on here. You MUST look at the bottom line. For example, some will say no charges but the rate is poor. those that charge you a fee may have a very good rate. This week I transferred £1000 and this was 1680 euros credited to my Spanish bank account no charges either way, but of course reflected in the exchange rate.


Ex Barclays by the way!


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05 Oct 2013 23:59 by S876 Star rating in UK. 4 posts Send private message

I think that before you transfer any money from one bank to another, you need to clarify with them exactly how much is going to cost you.

You can always make enquires from three-four banks, and finally choose the option that is best for you.

Transfering money from one country to another can indeed be tricky and expensive.


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06 Oct 2013 07:46 by grenouille1946 Star rating. 15 posts Send private message

Thank you for that Pearl of wisdom: o)

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06 Oct 2013 09:55 by randolph Star rating. 168 posts Send private message


Are you sure you don't mean 1168 euros!  




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06 Oct 2013 11:38 by patkhan Star rating. 3 posts Send private message

I was thinking the same thing if it is correc which company do you use?


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