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30 Dec 2012 15:57 by steve&hayley Star rating. 33 posts Send private message

Hi I'm moving to Spain next year and need to take medication when I was on holiday I ran out and purchased over the counter at my local chemist one item pantoprizol it cost me 20e for 1 month
At that rate all the medication would cost me approx 100e a month I am 49 yrs old and also get a war pension etc in uk I get it all free due to being on a military pension is it the same in Spain
Is medication cheaper if a doctor prescribes it or over the counter
Thanks for your help in advance


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30 Dec 2012 16:46 by camposol Star rating in Camposol. 1408 posts Send private message

Sorry it's not free. First you will have to go through the procedures of registering on the foreign residents register, and  will have to fulfil certain criteria before being eligible for free care. Then you will pay 10% ot he cost of your prescriptions. It should be capped at 8 euros if your income is less than 18, ooo euros a year, 18 euros if over 18,000. you must be a tax resident ( and if moving to Spain, you must become one) to claim back excess, but that is another complicated matter. Sorry! It will help you if you do thorough research about moving to Spain-is it a wise move at the moment?

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30 Dec 2012 18:08 by bobaol Star rating. 2256 posts Send private message

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 The first thing you need to do is contact the International Pensions Centre at Newcastle.  You can find the phone number on their website or by searching on this forum.  They will tell you what you can transfer to Spain on the S1 form (used to be the E106 and E121 for pensioners and disability allowances but is now all one form).  With this form and your status completed (the pensions centre do it all for you) you can register on the Spanish NHS.

Yes, you do need to become a resident in Spain.  Yes, you do have to pay 10% for the cost of your prescriptions up to a certain limit.  No, you do not have to claim back the cost from all the regions in Spain.  Some have a system whereby your pharmacy record is linked to your financial earnings and, once the cap is reached, no further charges are made.  Some regions, though, still make you pay the full 10% and then expect you to claim back the excess.  The maximum amount is current in Andalucia and our local pharmacist (Valencia region) told us this would be coming in during the next financial year.  

To become a resident is quite easy if you have someone to help you (someone who speaks Spanish for a start).  You now have to prove you will not be a burden on the country and have made provisions for your healthcare and have an income.  If you are given the S1 then this covers the medical part.  Your war pension and forces pension statements will cover the second part.  

Best of luck.  

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