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25 Feb 2012 00:00 by mandyh22 Star rating. 13 posts Send private message

 At the moment I have TDT but only get about 3 spanish channels. My development has a ruling of 1 dish per block and unfortunately all the feeds to the dish are taken so that is not an option. I would just like a few more channels - even if they are spanish. Are the TDTs differing qualities? Is there anything else I can do?

I am in Vera Playa. Al Andalus Thalassa.

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25 Feb 2012 16:55 by gcarton Star rating. 145 posts Send private message

Spanish channels are broadcast on different frequencies, and once every so often they get moved around. What we found with our urbanization was that they re-broadcast TDT from a central point, however, they had only installed specific repeater frequencies. We gradually lost most of our channels. The solution was to install a new piece of kit in the urbzatiation that cost around 400 Euros. Check withh other neighbours if they have the same problem.


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25 Feb 2012 17:58 by Marksfish Star rating in Vera, Almeria. 2575 posts Send private message

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 I am guessing you have quad lnb's fitted on the dishes. At a push, you can get an octo, but I have heard they can be temperamental.


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25 Feb 2012 19:40 by bobaol Star rating. 2256 posts Send private message

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 You should get at least 50 channels on TDT in your area of which 20 odd will broadcast in dual languages.  I am assuming you have run the scan to get these channels as the shop selling the TVs will only have a few channels set up and you need to set the TV or set top box up to receive the channels available in your area.  If you have, then there is obviously a fault with your community aerial which needs to be adjusted or checked at the connections.  Alternatively, you can fit your own aerial which doesn't cost that much.


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26 Feb 2012 15:37 by mandyh22 Star rating. 13 posts Send private message

 Hi. Thank you all for your replies..The tv I use is about 4 years old so would that make a diference. I used to get more channels but last time we went out there it was down to 3 spanish channels. We did scan the tv but still only 3 channels. I only have a small tdt receiver that plugs straight into the tv.

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26 Feb 2012 16:56 by bobaol Star rating. 2256 posts Send private message

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 No. your telly being 4 years old won't make a difference.  Any TV, even those old CRT ones, will work.  The aerial lead comes from your wall into the TDT box then a Scart lead from the TDT to the TV.  If you have scanned and are only getting 3 channels then your cabiling is at fault.  This happens on our community sometimes.  All channels disappear except for 3 or 4 channels and we lose the satellite channels that are pumped out.  You could always just try an indoor aerial and then scan.  Depending on how close you are to the transmitter and how high up your flat is you should be able to get more channels.  Alternatively, an outdoor digital aerial should only cost about 50 or so euros.  However, definitely sounds like the cabling from your communal aerial needs sorting out.


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26 Feb 2012 23:46 by Star rating. 97 posts Send private message

 I was working in Almeria last week and worked on one of the urbanisations in vera playa, a nudist one... I was the only person dressed!

One thing you could try is to rescan all the channels, the frequencys change from time to time and that could be your problem, failing that, its a community problem, just make sure with your neighbours that they are also having a problem and take it up with admin, who would then call someone like me to sort it out.

All the best!

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27 Feb 2012 09:32 by mandyh22 Star rating. 13 posts Send private message

 Thanks again for your replies. I haven't heard that any of my neighbours have had any problems but they have a feed from a dish. I'll  try an indoor aerial and see what happens.

Many thanks 

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27 Feb 2012 22:00 by Star rating. 97 posts Send private message

 If you have sucess let us know!

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28 Feb 2012 16:49 by mandyh22 Star rating. 13 posts Send private message

 Thank you I shall. In the meantime if anyone has any other ideas please let me know.

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28 Feb 2012 22:14 by peterx Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

 have sent you a private message all the way from England if you didn't receive it - pop into the Cactus Bar at Las Buganvillas and ask for Aussie Andy he will assist you. He sorted my out at Salinas De Vera and is very reasonable.

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03 Apr 2012 18:32 by mandyh22 Star rating. 13 posts Send private message

 Hi. Just to update I have had another tdt put in and now get about 55 channels - Yippee. Not sure how many are english as haven't managed to get out ther but thanks to you all for your help and advice.

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04 Apr 2012 09:17 by Forhotspot Star rating. 233 posts Send private message

Hi Mandy,

   Do you have an indoor TV aerial or an outdoor? Do you know if just an indoor aerial will work?




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08 Apr 2012 22:18 by semijubilada Star rating in London/Torrevieja. 1052 posts Send private message

I'm intriqued Mandy, did you have a new TDT box installed?

Forhotspot - It will depend on where you live as to whether an indoor ariel will work.  I bought one from Carrefour and it didn't work so I had an outdoor one installed.  At first I only got 20 channels but now I can get between 80 on the bedroom TV and 60 on the one in the lounge.

The English dual language programmes are on at certain times of the day.  In January when we were last over they had Castle series1,2 & 3 shown one after the other in a 3 hour slot.  It was quite strange as the female lead charectors hair went from short, to medium and then long.  That was on Channel Cuartro.  A lot of the channels are repeated in the list and the higher the channel the stronger the signal.

If you can get Nitro then you have a strong signal, my signal comes from Alicante and it has been improved through new antennas being fitted locally.  I've been told that the Murcia signal is the strongest.  Nitro reception is a bit hit and miss though.

Someone very kindly supplied a listing of channels which were dual language but I'm afraid I can't find it at the moment.

Neox, Nova, Divinity, La Sexta 3, La Sexta, FDF have some american programmes.  Telecinco has CSI but that's normally in Spanish.  Canal 9, La1 and La2 have films at weekend and also some nature programmes on the latter.  It's really a matter of surfing to see what's on when with the EPG.  Remember that the times can run a little behind as is the norm in Spain.

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09 Apr 2012 08:17 by Forhotspot Star rating. 233 posts Send private message

 Hi Semijubilada, 

   The one you bought from carrefour - could it be plugged into the wall? I was told by the appliance shop that if I get one which is plugged into the wall as well as the TV I presume, would work. I prefer to use an indoor aerial if it works.




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09 Apr 2012 10:33 by semijubilada Star rating in London/Torrevieja. 1052 posts Send private message

I'm not quite sure what you mean by plugged into the wall unless you're talking about using electricity to boost the signal?

It was a couple of years ago that I tried the indoor ariel and it was when digital tv first started broadcasting.  As I said previously it does depend on where you live to how strong a signal you will be able pick up.

Why dont you try Carrefour to see what indoor ariels they have.  They have a 2 week return facility so if it doesn't work then you can get your money back.

I had to have an outdoor ariel installed and later I had a booster fitted onto the ariel, powered by electricity inside the house.  (hope that makes sense)  This also enabled the installer to use my original anologue TV wiring to give me a signal in bedroom.

We do have a LCD TV but we still use a TDT box in the lounge.  We bought an LCD for the dedroom with integral dvd player, that gives us 80 channels with just the ariel lead.

If you live on an community then by law the community should provide Digital TV.  Most newer builds have internal TV sockets and a communial ariel.  Also you've probably paid through your community fees for the antenna to be changed from Annologue to Digital.

Last year we took an old TDT box round to  a cousin and later a friend and both were unaware that Digital TV had been installed on their urbanisations.

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09 Apr 2012 15:58 by Forhotspot Star rating. 233 posts Send private message

I think there's socket in the aerial for the user to plug into the wall (yes using electricity) & there's also a socket to plug in the TV. That's my understanding from the shop. Best thing for me is to try one out .




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